The Background Story
Ive never really been the type to try and do things "the natural way".  I've always believed that if there was a medical problem, you better get to the Dr so they can prescribe the pills to make you all better. I've never really been one to pay any attention the ingredients in products and foods. I never paid much attention to the organic things, i just thought they were probably a marketing scheme to get people to pay more money for something. 
I have PCOS, which in itself causes many other health issues like, hormonal imbalances, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, infertility, skin problems, mood imbalances, weight gain, diabetes/insulin problems, and more severely it can lead to heart disease and severe diabetes and any other complications that you can get from being severely overweight. I have all but heart disease and diabetes although i am now insulin resistant and have pre diabetes.
Having PCOS and the weight issues i believe is what caused me to have all the complications in my pregnancy. Gestational diabetes, Preeclampsia, HELLP, which all ended with a premature delivery at 35 weeks, not too early but still too early. Jace did have some complications afterwards.
Since having Preeclampsia/HELLP i have issues with swelling/pitting edema, Blood pressure is elevated, just recently the loss of my cycles as well. On top of that or because of that i FEEL incredibly unhealthy, sluggish, and miserable and sometimes my anxiety is the worst that its ever been.
I have Severe generalized anxiety disorder & am beginning the process of coming off of them.

Since having Jace i have found that i have become more and more concerned with what we are using,what he is being exposed to and what the side effects/outcome of this will be. I get worried about the toxins in a lot of cleaners making him sick. Part of this could be due to anxiety but i think most of it comes from being a mother and being protective over my baby!

I have thought about this a lot and have decided it couldnt hurt to switch out to things with far less chemicals and additives. I wouldnt have to worry about Jace so much, We would all be HEALTHIER & i would be doing whats best for MY family. I am very happy with the decisions that i have made!

The products in my house that i am currently switching out are

Window Cleaner
Dish Soap
Hand Sanitzer
Floor Cleaner
Surface Cleaners
Bathroom Cleaner
Hair Conditioners
Hand Soap
Baby Butt Creams
Bug Spray
Stain Remover
Facial Products
Most perfumes

Now , Of course there are things that i use, that i will not switch out to all organic due to personal preferences such as

Laundry Detergent
SOME of my hair care products ( i have very hard to manage hair)

Please understand that these opinions and thoughts are strictly my own. I am doing what I feel is best for ME & MY family. I try my best not to judge others as i wouldn't want other to judge me. I think its up to each individually family to decide what is best for them!!
I will be doing further reviews and such on this page as well, so please check back often!

Whats in your Skin care products, make up and other common household items?

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