Friday, December 10, 2010

Just another day

Well today was just another day like many others. I went out with my dad for awhile today we went to target (my home away from home) wal-mart, as my mother calls it, "hell-mart" and khols. There are some really super awesome sales going on, especially at khols, which is like my 2nd favorite store,they always send me coupons haha.Went out for breakfast at a local diner called sheldons, he has been going there for quite some time. Then i went home and took a nap. I was really tired for some reason. Hubby came home and we went and got something to eat and we went to his favorite place in the city, J's packing shipping uhaul hobby magic the gathering store. LOL. Yes hubby plays magic the gathering. A really awesome thing happened while we were there actually. So my hubby likes to buy packs of cards ($4.00) per pack, and usually he buys id say about at least five packs per week, sometimes more, in hopes that he will pull really great expensive cards, usually, it doesnt happen. Then i get upset because i feel it was a waste of money and space. Yes, i feel like we are going to one day need a bigger house with a whole extra room just for his cards. lol. at this point i think he has about 25,000 of them. Neatly in boxes, yes,  but still taking up a whole corner of the room. I love that he has a hobby but i really feel that its a crazy obsession haha/ Anyways i got off topic there for a minute,he out of one of the five packs he bought tonight pulled a $93.00 card out of one of those lil 4.00 packs, he was happy, i was happy it wasnt a waste, the store owner, not so happy. There is usually only one card like this in a whole entire box of packs, and well., hubby got so excited he screamed "hell ya" lol. everyone knew what happened and knew not to buy any more packs out of this newly opened box. lol it was a great moment really. Then we went to wal mart, again. And then home, and here i am. Tired. :) Have a great night everyone.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Well im finally getting this blog back together after i screwed the whole thing up the other day. Ugh its taken me forever but here i am again :) Not much has been going on here really. Mostly just sittin here trying to fix all of this mess i created :) Today is my honeys birthday, So Happy Birthday babe, I love you more than anything and your my bestest friend :) Well thats all for now, good night everyone.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

a lazy sunday

Well, the title says it all. Today was a lovely lazy day. We went grocery shopping this morning, Geromy wanted meatball sandwhiches so he made em and they were great!
And that was pretty much the extent of my day today lol. Very very uneventful. Lil geromy went back to his moms today and sadly, i was kinda happy about that. I think i needed a break. Im on Day 3 of the fertility pills and its runnin me on a short fuse right now, So him and that dont mix at all. Speaking of the pills, they are making me feel like crap :( tired, headaches, moody just all together a blah feeling.
Well i think im gonna head to bed now and try and get a good nights sleep. Goodnight everyone!