Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sherwood Pictures-Fireproof, Facing the giants & Courageous

The first sherwood pictures film that i saw, or ever even heard about was fireproof. This movie alone has and still continues to change my life and my marriage. This movie is about a couple whose marriage is failing, a place where i myself have been, more than one time. Anyways to sum it up the husband takes a challenge from his father, the love dare. In the love dare it shows him, how to love and honor god as well as his wife and ultimately changes his life and his marriage. This movie is a great movie and i truly believe that every married couple everywhere, should see it... at least once. However when i feel things are getting rough in my marriage i watch it, sometimes more than once and it gives me faith that i have never had before.

The next sherwood pictures movie i heard about was Facing the giants. I saw the preview for FTG on the fireproof disk and hubby and i decided to order it. The movie is about a high school football coach whose car breaks down, hes not making enough money in his job, hes about to get fired because his team keeps failing, and his wife and him are going through infertility because of problems on his end.  Again, with a faith in jesus and god, he pushes through it all. Its a very powerful and emotional movie that again, gives me more faith than i have ever had.. Its a must see, especially for those who are TTC.

A few weeks ago, i started to hear about the latest sherwood pictures film, Courageous. I was soo wanting to see it so we rented it last night, it just came out yesterday on DVD. This movie is about A father and a police force team trying to be the best fathers they can be in the eyes of god. This movie is sooo inspirational and i just love it. Sherwood pictures movies are just getting better and better all the time. Everyone who is a father should see this movie. :)

Anyways to sum it all up, i would like to say that these movies have totally and completly changed my life, forever. They have encouraged me to seek and find, jesus and gave me a very strong faith and love for him and God. I have learned to trust him with everything in my life and since doing so, and since praying i feel that i have a deeper peace in my life than ever before. I am happy. So, a bigggg thank you to sherwood pictures for changing MY LIFE AND MY MARRIAGE AND MY FAITH all the way from georgia.

Again these are must see movies for everyone who needs a little inspiration in their lives. Thats all for now... god bless you all. <3