My PCOS Story

My PCOS / Infertility story

I remember when i first started my period. It was the day before my first day of junior high, and it was horrible. FYI this story may have a little bit of TMI for some. Anyways, theres nothing like going to your first day of junior high and bleeding all over yourself and the chair your sittin on for one class. Yes i was bleeding uncontrollably and i had no idea why. I was 13 and just thought that maybe thats how it was supposed to be. I would have my period for weeks and sometimes months. Everyone told me, maybe your body is just "adjusting". I missed so much school from this because i was in so much pain and was bleeding so bad that i couldnt walk. My dad eventually got taken to court because i had missed so much school from it . Nothing like sittin in a court room explaining that one! I started to gain weight and had side burns growing on my face. Again, just thinkin my body was adjusting i waxed my face at 13. When i was 15 nothing got any better, my periods were so irregular and awful that i finally went to see the dr, nothing said he just put me on b/c pills and said i needed to be on them so that my periods were regular so i wouldnt end up with cancer. Ok so on b/c pills at 15 nice! He said that when i came off of them things should be regular for me as my body would have had time to adjust to the hormones, WRONG! Sure, things were fine while i was on the pill, lost some weight and breakouts werent as bad, periods regular. i stayed on them for like four  years but at some points i would come off them for a little while at a time and , yup still irregular, would bleed for a month and nothing for two months, so i would always go back on them. When i was 21 i went off of them completly, Thinsgs were better but still not right. I started gaining weight again hair growth breakouts, all of it came back. I didnt think to much of it, again thought my body was just "adjusting" wasnt trying to get pregnant so i just dealt with it. I never did understand how i never ended up pregnant though because i was in long term relationships and nothing happened. One time i even had to go to the ER because i was bleeding for like a month and a half. They called it breakthrough bleeding, gave me some birth control pills and sent me on my way. I was tired of dealing with the constant pain and embarrasment from all of this but i just continued to deal with it because no dr would do anything about it.
In feburary of 2007 I met my husband. We were together for one year, then we got married on April 25th 2008. Right after we got married we decided to start tryin to have a baby. I knew that it wouldnt be very easy because of my irregular cycles but i just thought it would be a little more time consuming than most, because thats what all the drs had told me. A few months later nothing was happening and i suspected that something was really wrong with me. Hubby thought i was thinking to much into it and things would work out very soon. So we decided to go buy some books on way to increase chances of having a baby. In one of the books there was a section on things that could be affecting my fertility and PCOS came up. I had all the symtoms and i knew that had to be it. I told hubby, again he thought maybe it was possible but wasnt too convinced, so we just kept trying and i kept gettin more and more information about PCOS. Finally in the beginning of 2009 i decided to go to the Dr. Of course dr had no idea what pcos was and i had to tell him what tests to run, what it was, and what i wanted him to prescribe me, Metformin because i read that was the best thing for pcos. He reffered me over to the womens clinic/ Obgyn. That was helpful, the obgyn told me to lose weight and thats all that i could do. Dr ran blood tests and boy was i right, my testosterone level was 217 and my lh and fsh hormones were way off. Then he got worried and sent me for an ultrasound because they wanted to make sure that i didnt have adrenal tumors because my testosterone was wayyyy high even for having pcos. So they did a full pelvic ultrasound and one of my kidneys. Nothing no cysts, no tumors but they did say that they thought i had a septate uterus, Didnt explain what it was or anything. So, i had to find out on my own that a septate uterus was something that could cause infertility too. So at this point diagnosis was PCOS and septate uterus. I felt no hope at all and cried for hours. We still kept trying because i couldnt give up yet.
In 2010 i found a study for pcos and fertility with the aim of gettting pregnant. Was so sure that i would not get in because of my uterus but, surprise!! there was NOTHING WRONG with my uterus they even called it a beautiful uterus lol. HSG showed tubes were clear and everything was fine but did say that i had PCOS written all over me, i did have poly cystic ovaries. Semen analysis came back great, hubby got a high five and a way to go over acheiver lol.
Then the pap came back abnormal. Scared the hell outta me. Turns out i had high risk HPV , the kind that causes cervical cancer so before i could continue with the study i had to have a colposcopy , which is a cervical biopsy, to make sure i didnt have cancer. Thank god that i didnt so i continued with the study.
First month on the pills went great i ovulated strongly but stil got a bfn.
Second month on the pills, i ovulated, still a bfn.
So here i am  on my 3rd and last round of pills for right now and im praying we get our miracle soon! Thanks for reading!