Thursday, January 6, 2011

A poem on PCOS


I wonder why these things happen to me,
I carry around a silent killer you see.

This could be a death sentence you know,
Since there is no cure, off to treatment I go.

Decisions decisions, tons to make,
Which kind of medicine do I take.

We endure the needles, tests, and exams
In hopes to feel healthy and normal again

Its odd to see that Drs don't know much more than me
For I have researched this disease too you see.

Several symptoms big our self esteem down
So don't be surprised when we wear a frown.

We need lots of support as each day goes by
Even if its someone we love calling to say Hi

The road that must be traveled is long and winding
But we keep on with hopes of a cure in hiding.

Day to Day, Meds to Meds
All the silly or odd things running thru our heads.

I'm going to keep fighting oh yes, in deed because this is what my LIFE,
my future, and my family needs


  1. Great poem! It pretty much sums up what us gals with PCOS endure and go through.

  2. From one cyster to another, I hope your dream comes true of becoming a mama! I tried for 9 years and finally had to stop torturing myself every month. I pray that God will bless you and your husband with a precious little one! Merry Christmas! Stay positive and keep the faith!