Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Honest Company. My HONEST Opinions - Updated

These are my own personal reviews of these products over a few days time. Its all my HONEST opinions.
I decided to give a review because i know moms always want to know about great products for their families!

Shampoo & Body Wash
First thoughts- I had never heard of this company before. I was in costco one day and i saw this product. The thing that caught my attention was the set up and the packaging, looked so pretty and cute. I read the labels and what it was about and decided to give it a try. I was also super excited about the scent being sweet orange vanilla! We had been using Aveeno for Jace since he was a couple weeks old but i was noticing that it wasnt getting his hair cleaned. Like the gunk was still there after 2 washes. 
First Try - I feel in love, the smell was amazing and the shampoo was so thick yet rinsed easily and cleaned his hair and body very well , i think it also helped with moisture because i saw immediate changes in his skin , particularly his legs! 
Ive been using this for a few weeks now and i love it. We will continue to use this for Jace and i have thought about using it for myself as well, if i decide to that ill let you all know how it works out for me.
I did decide to try this as a body wash, i tend to have breakouts from other bosy washes so i figured id give it a go on this! Ill update on this further later in the week.

First thoughts, these are so cute! They dont smell like the other diapers, theres no harsh chemicals, free of metals, lotions, and latex. Did i mention how cute they are? To me thats a big thing lol
First try- Fit great , better than the pampers we usually use. The honest company diapers dont sag in the butt. They are a little bit thicker then pampers as well.
Night #1 Diaper #1 - No leaks! So far, so good. Also, i noticed there was a lot less moisture on the outside of the diaper.
Diaper # 2- The poo diaper lol I was amazed at how much less of an odor there was. Im serious. I would say there was AT LEAST 50 % less odor than with the other diapers. Im thinking im really going to like these and make the complete switch
Ive now been using these diapers for over 24 hours and have no complaints at all!! I will be making the switch

The wipes are amazing, seriously. They are large so you realy only need to use one, they smell fresh even though they are unscented. They are thick and do the job! Love them.

Bathroom Cleaner
A friend gave me a brand new bottle of this to try! 
First thoughts- Im not sure about the scent...
First try- LOVED IT. Cleans well, no film left over and it leaves the bathroom smelling minty and fresh!

Hand Lotion & Face Lotion
I normally do not use lotions because i dont like the oily feeling on my hands. Today after my shower i applied this lotion to my face, hands, and arms. So far i love it , no oily sensations. I would however like this product more if it had some scent to it. But overall i like it.

Healing Balm
I woke up this morning and had some itching on my hand between my fingers, due to allergies, it was pretty bad. I rubbed some of this on there and it stopped the itching completely. It is a bit greasy but i think thats part of what it does , its meant to soothe , heal and protect. It kinda reminds me of vaseline.

Hand Soap
Smells Great, But not too strong, thick ( i dont like watery soaps). My hands we pretty soft after using it as well. UPDATE - I loved the mandarin scent , i didnt however, like the lavender scent. Thats just a personal thing though.

I have fallen in love with this company and their products!! Everything about it is appealing. I have decided to make the switch to The Honest Company on many of my house hold cleaning products and personal products.
I will do further reviews on more new products that we try! There is a referral program so if you are going to start using this company , i have a link for you to use so i can get credit!! Let me know, thanks!
I hope you all found this informational :) 

I started ordering the honest company "bundles" this month and was able to try a lot more of their products. I love them all. In this months bundle this is what i got

6 Packs of diapers
4 packs of wipes 
1 bottle of the white grapefruit dish soap
2 bottles of the hand sanitizing spray
1 bottle multi surface cleaner 
1 bottle floor cleaner 
2 bottles of hand soap (mandarin & lavender scents)
Dish scrubber with ceramic base for suds 
1 bottle conditioning mist

Dish Soap - This dish soap smells great! It doesnt foam as much as your regular dish soaps though. I have heard that the chemicals that cause the foaming are actually bad for you anyways. 

Hand Sanitizing Spray - I LOVE THIS STUFF!! It smells AMAZING! its not like the normal hand sanitizers that smell like alcohol. It also doesnt dry my hands out at all. I highly recommend these! They are so easy to use and not messy at all! 

Multi Surface Cleaner - Smells great, cleans well and doesnt leave a film. Nuff' Said !

Floor Cleaner, Same as above. Love it

Hand soaps - See Above! 

Dish scrubber with ceramic base for suds - This is one of my favs, its soo cute, very high quality, and does the job. The handle to the scrubber is wood. Love it

Conditioning Mist - I LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff! I use it on my hair daily and Jaces hair as needed. It doesnt make my hair greasy at all. It smells great too! 

*** When i received my box one of the spray nozzles was broken I informed the company via Facebook, they responded immediately and sent me a new one right away. Their customer service is absolutely wonderful. I cant say enough great things about this company. 

Referral Program
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