Monday, March 10, 2014

Daily Blog - Busy, Busy, Busy!

9:15 A.M
Anyone want a fit throwing toddler? LOL When daddy and grandpa left he got mad and hasnt stopped since. I hope this isnt a preview of how the whole day is going to go, i think i had enough yesterday. I think today im going to do some spring cleaning and get rid of a bunch of crap that we dont need. Also will probably take Jace to the park again since its supposed to be like it was yesterday!

1:40 P.M
Jace was super fussy this morning. Knocked over my coffee and just insisted on whining and crying non stop. I know he is teething but gees, these last couple days he has made me crazy! So aroun 11 30 or so, he got quite, i went in his room to see what he was doing and i found him sleeping next to his toy bins lol. He slept there for almost 2 hours. While he slept i worked on my new blog design! What do you guys think? Me personally , i am super excited about it!! Making some lunch now and going to continue updating throughout the day.

3:00 P.M
Ive managed to get a lot done today, im so proud of myself lol. Ive cleaned the kitchen, the living room, redesigned my blog page and made all the graphics for it, updated hubbys blog page, kept the kid fed and entertained. I still have the bathroom to do and dinner to plan. Hubby should be home from work soon & if hes feeling up to it we will probably take a walk to the park and on the trail. Its so nice out again today, funny to think its supposed to snow soon! Gotta love Colorados bipolar weather 

5:20 P.M
Decided that were just gonna have some breakfast for dinner night. Eggs, Ham, Cheese , & Hash browns. Jace is so crabby and i have a headache now. Poor kid is doing so major teething with some what appear to be very jagged teeth coming in :( I feel so bad for my little guy. The honest company product review will be up in the morning! Also, I added the smoothie recipe, its under the recipes tab. I made one today like yesterday only i used canned mandarin oranges and it was still amazingly yummy! Check it out. Ill be posting more smoothie recipes as i come up with them!

5:45 P.M
20 minute break for mommy. Geromy took Jace to the store with him, what shall i do with myself? Oh the possibilities of what one could manage to do with 20 mins of no toddler! LOL

Why do toddlers think its funny to throw their food EVERYWHERE???

8:45 P.M
Goodnight everyone! Headed to bed soon, i know, im getting old lol 

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