Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Daily Blog - A Long Night

6:30 A.M
Jace woke up really cranky and not feeling well. Im so tired. He was up a few times throughout the night as well. I couldnt sleep, every noise woke me up. I couldnt shut my brain off. Its been a long night. Im hoping to go back to bed for a bit...

9:30 A.M
We did end up going back to bed for a bit, im still pretty tired. Jace has a fever of 101.2 and is really not feeling well at all. Im not sure whats going on at this point. 

12:20 P.M
Im sitting here trying to think of ways for me to earn money as a stay at home momma. I have a couple things in mind that may help and one thing that im for sure going to try. I just need to put my plans into action and this may take some time. The typical scentsy, mary kay , avon etc wont work, there are SOO many people in my area that sell that stuff and i dont think i could do well with those companies for that fact. So we will see what happens, fingers crossed! I hope that im able to do what i want to do!! 

7:05 P.M
Today has been a crappy day to be blunt. Jace has been a miserable teething mess. Screaming, crying, slight fever, drooling, all that fun stuff. Ive been busy helping geromy with his resume and applying for jobs. We just finished with dinner, i decided to make biscuits and gravy with eggs. Jace ate a ton, and then he threw the rest everywhere as usual lol I am so sleepy today and i truly cant wait for bedtime to come!

9:20 P.M
The tylenol is wearing off, my poor baby is miserable and it sucks. I wish these darn teeth would come through already and stop torturing him. Time for bed. Goodnight everyone.

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