Sunday, March 9, 2014

Daily Blog - A Beautiful Day

10:40 A.M
Late start to the day due to time change. Not much going on this morning. I hope to have a couple of posts up today including a review. 

12:30 P.M
I just made the best smoothie ever! Ill have to post the recipe for you all to try, Jace loved it too he sucked half of it down, through a straw! Up until today he didnt know how to drink from a straw lol The flavor was orange-vanilla peach , yum. So good! For right now were just sitting around watching Ghostbusters. I love this movie. Im hoping to get to the park today but im thinking it will have to wait until after nap time at this point.

3:50 P.M
Just got home from the park and walking on the trail. Its a beautiful day outside today, there were so many bikers and runners on the trail and lots of  people at the park. Jace got to pet a dog that he couldnt take his focus off of lol

5:05 P.M
Jace is a smoothie nut! He just sucked down yet another of my smoothies today. I had to make another one because i didnt cook my oranges in the microwave long enough and my throat started getting itchy. I have oral allergy syndrome so some fresh fruits and veggies cause itchy throat burning lips etc. Cucumbers and melons are the worst. If you put them in the microwave for up to a minute, it kills off the pollens that cause the reaction , otherwise it needs to be frozen or canned. It really sucks because i love fruit but totally have a hard time with it.
I still have to figure out what im making for dinner tonight. I wish we had a grill , i would BBQ , its so gorgeous outside!

6:25 P.M
We got the house cleaned up. Jace had thrown crackers all over the living room floor and it looked like a tornado had run through here. Now to figure out dinner. 
On another note, after i made my last smoothie with the orange, my throat started to swell a bit, so i guess fresh oranges are a no go for me too :( Oral Allergy Syndrome sucks. Im going to do a whole other post on this to explain what it is.

Random Thoughts
I think Jace is messing with me today , i think he wants to see how far he can push me LOL

8:30 P.M
I wonder how tonights bed time routine is going to go. The time changes really mess things up sometimes. Its 8 30 now, which would normally be 7 30 , im totally ready for bed and done with this day. We normally put Jace to bed around 9, i dont want stay up any later than normal. LOL I hope he doesnt know the difference when i put him to bed at "9" Have a goodnight everyone and may your children adapt to day light savings in a calm and peaceful manner! 


  1. Ugh I hate the time change thing!!

    That smoothie sounds super yummy. I had no idea about the oral allergy thing. It would drive me bonkers to have to either avoid my favorite things or nuke them? ugh. Is it particular foods, like citrus? I know you mentioned cucumbers and melons. Interesting!


    1. It does suck. Frozen, canned, cooked is the way i have to go with most fruits and veggies. It makes eating healthy harder. Some people just think im crazy or that i just dont want to eat healthy lol

  2. I get Lily frozen fruits through WIC. seem to be alright. and not too bad price wise. I love my fruit. lol. I can't imagine dealing with that day after day. do any allergy meds work for it?