Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Daily Blog - Just another day

10:20 A.M
Woke up this morning, late again lol.This time change is going to take some getting used to for sure. I posted the honest company review that i promised you all! Make sure to check it out. Hubby just went to apply for a new job, fingers crossed that he gets it!!

3:00 P.M
I havent blogged much today, its been pretty chaotic, first , our gutter fell half way off our house from the wind, Hubby & my dad put it back up. Then Geromy was applying for a new job which he most likely got, we will know in the morning. I hope he gets it, its not exactly what he wants right now but you do what you gotta do right? Jace is on day 3 of complete madness. I dont know if its teething or the dreaded terrible twos but he has drove me NUTS the last 3 days. By the end of the day i have a massive headache and am ready to run away from home. Its the messes, the whining, the yelling screaming and crying, fit throwing with a lack of communication between the momma and the toddler. LOL he wants something, screams about it and i have no idea what it is but oh my, please just stop yelling child!! I hope whatever is going on stops soon because i need some quiet and relaxation time. On another note, its windy cold and snowy outside. It seriously was like 75 degrees out yesterday and now its a winter wonderland outside. Ill be so ready when this off season is over. Its so annoying.

8:40 P.M
I have seriously neglected blogging today. My apologies. Its been a crazy day. Ill be back tomorrow with yet another action packed blog from the christman household. ;)

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