Friday, March 4, 2011

A break down of my horrific week- Bactrim

This week has been horrible. And i mean that in the strongest way possible. Ill just start out with where i beleive it all began.  Jan 21 i was prescribed bactrim for an infected wisdom tooth. I had taken bactrim one time before. Last year for a myseterious rash that no dr could diagnose. Dont remember having any trouble with it then.  On Jan 28 i went to the er for really bad heart palpitations. So bad that my heart was skipping three and four beats in a row. Dont really know what caused it. Drs told me to keep taking my bactrim and to follow up with my dr. The heart palpitations went away within about two days so i didnt think much of it. I just thought that maybe the Vicodin had caused it so i didnt take it again. I stopped taking the bactrim about 6 days into the ten day treatment because i really didnt feel like i needed them anymore.
{Fast forward}
I think it was Feb 25th or so, the toothache got so bad that i decided to start taking them again. Maybe the infection wasnt gone after all. I think i was only taking one a day at this point trying to see if it would help All was going well until...
{fast forward again}

This Monday i was really tired because i hadnt slept right for almost a week because of the toothache. Everytime i would lay down i would be in some horrible pain. Anyways monday night before i went to bed i started itching a bit on my tummy. Didnt think to much of it.
Tuesday morning: I woke up and had a little red bump on my right breast that itched like crazy. This got me thinking that the mysterious rash i had one year ago , was coming back. So naturally i was freaking out because that rash lasted for like 2 months and no dr could tell me what it was. So a few hours later My Lower back and my head started itching like crazy. I jumped in the shower. Me and my dad were going to go to GNC for clove oil for my toothache, on the way there my feet were itching like mad. While we were in GNC they gave us a sample of some calcium and vitamin d chew that tasted like honey. So when we got back home i had little bumps popping up all over my chest and arms rapidly. So im like ok, wth is going on. I sat and ate my lunch and about 4 00 pm i told my dad and hubby that i thought i was having an allergic reaction to something and i needed to go to urgent care. We got to the urgent care and the wait was insane and my itch now had spread all over and i looked like a crazy person. The people at the desk didnt seem to think it was all that important so hubby told me to tell them we were leaving to go to the ER. One the way to the er it just kept getting worse and worse and eventaully i had hives all over, my face, chest, tummy. and even the bottoms of my feet!! ABout an hour after being there they pulled me back so they could do the vitals and get me checked in to wait for a room. They gave me some benedryl pretty confident that it was an allergic reaction and sent me back to the waiting room. The itching slowed down a little bit and i started to clear up a very lil bit. After being there for four hours i finally got a room.
They hooked me up to an iv and gave me more benedryl some prednisone and a shot of epi for severe allergic reaction. They were thinking that it was caused by the bactrim. They kept an eye on me and things didnt really get worse so about 1 30 am the discharged me and gave me a script for prednisone and atarax and told me to take benedryl ever four hours. So we get home. I was going to wait on going to get my scripts until the morning so i could get them at my pharmacy. Yeah, i started breaking out again almost as soon as we got home so we went to walgreens and got the prednisone and some benedryl. Took the benedryl while we were still at walgreens and thought that should stop it for the night. Wrong. I got home and was getting worse and worse and my lip started swelling so at 2 30 in the morning i was on my way back to the er. I went up to the desk and told them i was just discharged and i was getting worse and they could clearly see that so they took me right back. My heart rate was up to like 113 or so at that point because i was starting to have a panic attack. SO they get me in the room and there was like four drs looking at me trying to figure out why i was still having this reaction after all that they had given me before. So this time, they hooked me back up on an iv, blew one vein in my arm and had to go through my hand which i will say is more comfortable then the arm. They gave me more benedryl and some pepcid through iv. They said stuff like pepcid can act as an antihistimine. They were going to give me another epi shot but my heart rate was at 131 so they couldnt. They are pretty convinced that it was the bactrim that i was taking for my toothavhe caused this. SO they monitored me very closely and i was so scared that my throat was going to swell shut. My lips were huge and my whole body was coverd in hives. Literally covered. Within about 2 hours the itching stopped and was starting to clear up the best that it was going to. SO they wrote me a prescription for an epi pen, and some pepcid. I left the hospital at  8 30 am on wednesday morning. went home and tried to sleep since it had been like 24 hours since i had, i couldnt i was itching like crazy. I went to the pharmacy and got my atarax. I took it and it was supposed to make everything better. It didnt. I turned completly red and itchy. Decided not to take that again. Around 4:00 pm my throat felt like it was starting to swell. I couldnt hardly talk, i was very hoarse. So i was rushed over to urgent care where they gave me more bendryl and a breathing treatment. They tested me for strep and it was positive. Woo hoo, just more crap to add to the list. Got my antibiotics for that.
Thursday: Woke up feeling like crud. My whole body felt like it was on fire. I was totally red. My hands and feet were very swollen. I could barely walk , i felt so weak. I could barely eat, nothing sounded good at all.  Itching like crazy. I just felt so horrible to the point that i was crying hysterically. Got some baking soda and sat with that and cool water in the tub. I was also running a fever at this time. I slept most of the day due to all the meds i was taking and lack of sleep. Was still pretty itchy at night and found myself sittin up and 2:00am putting tea bags on my toes because they were hurting and itching so bad. Slept most of the day again.
Friday, Today- woke up feeling mostly better. Still continuing the bendryl every four hours. Had some hives on arms and legs and feet and hands still swollen. Had a drs appointment today at five and doctor was almost 100 percent sure i had the allergic reaction to the bactrim. Its really the only thing that makes sense at this point. So i came home and decided to do some research on this antibiotic. Boy did i find some scary crap. It turns out , Bactrim is illegal in england due to being so dangerous. It has killed and almost killed quite a bit of people. The heart palpitations i had that sent me to the er in feb, were caused by the bactrim and so was all of this week. If they would have been smart enough at the er in feb, maybe none of this would have ever happened. I must say that this week has been scary as hell not only for me, but for those around me. please be careful with drugs like bactrim. Its terrible stuff and i beleive it should be taken off the market completly. Here is some info on that.
As of right now im feeling a lot better. The itching has almost stopped. Im still on the prednisone , benedryl and the Z pack antibiotics. Im retatining a lot of water, Drinking more than whats coming out! haha. Still a bit swollen but think im going to be ok. Sorry that post was so long but i just thought i should get the info out there. Hope everyone is doing well. Will write more later.

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