Sunday, March 6, 2011


....Is all i can say. This has been the crummiest week i have had in such a long time. {read post below}
I am not starting to really feel the strep. Cough, sinus issues, congestion. Im still a bit itchy and my feet are still very swollen. I think they are swollen because of 1, the allergic reaction, and 2, Because of the steriods for the reaction. So im retaining a lot of water. Sucks. Today was the last day of having to take the prednisone. Thank god. I do not like what those pills do to me. No matter how crappy i feel , when i take them i have a butt load of energy so im  running around cleaning and sweating even though i prolly should be in bed. Its cold outside apparently but i wouldnt know that because im sweating like crazy. Right now i have all the windows open, the heater off and it looks like its about to snow. Luckily no one is home to witness this madness lol.
I have one more day of antibiotics for the strep. I really think they caught the strep very early which is good but im still feeling crappy. Hubby is catching it now as well.  I am still taking the benedryl sometimes because i am still a bit itchy at times. No more welts or hives though. Very good, because that was some scary scary $h!t! I have never had a reaction like that before in my life and i truly beleive , had i not went back to the er the second time, I might be dead. :( So right now i am finishing up some cleaning and then i think im going to lay in bed with my feet elevated for the night in the best attempt to get this nasty swelling to go away. its prolly where i should be anyways. But like i said, the steroids make me go go and go.
Its funny how somethng like this could totally make me not think about ttc at all. Something that is usually on my mind 24/7. I havent been thinking about it whatsoever. Probably a good thing though becuase it was making me nutty. lol. Well im off for now. Will update more later. Hope everyone had a great weekend! :)

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