Saturday, March 1, 2014

Daily Blog - Happy 1st Day Of March!

9:30 A.M
We slept in a bit this morning which is always nice. However, i woke up with a sore throat and the weather outside is icky, drizzling frozen rain.. Guess there will be no outside play today. Im really hoping my sore throat is just from the heater and nothing more. I have managed to not get sick this cold and flu season , knock on wood. Jace is drinking his pediasure (thats usually his 1st breakfast) and i think we will just watch some tv for a bit. Geromy had to go to work for a few hours today so its just me n the kid right now.
11:00 A.M
Its starting to snow, im so over this. I dont like winter and i dont like summer. Spring and Fall are the best because its not usually one extreme or another i dont like to hot and cold is just bleh. I need to start working on getting the back yard cleaned up so that we can put outside toys for Jace this year. Last year he was too little so we never have really used our back yard and its currently full of dead leaves, dead weeds and thousands of branches. Its at least a two day project to clean it. We raked up all the leaves and such in the front yard last week, it looks so much better now. Id like to plant some flowers this year too. It would be a first for me so i think i need to do some research lol. Time to throw dinner in the crockpot

Dinner Plan
Chicken Gravy & Mashed Potatoes
Ill post the recipe on the "recipe page"

12:20 P.M
Im losing patience fast today with this kid! Knocking over trash cans, climbing to the top of the couch, chewing on cords, yelling in my face when i was eating, putting everything in his mouth. When i try to see what he has in his mouth he will either refuse to open his mouth or he will bite me when i put my finger in there to fish it out, OUCH. OMG Is it nap time yet?? I mean i love him so much but some days he makes me want to pull my hair out. LOL This is just another reason why i want spring to come so bad, i miss playdates and going to the park. I think if he was more entertained he would be a bit calmer.

2:00 P.M
Jace started his nap early today some time around 1ish. Just been hanging out with hubby and watching tv, had some lunch. I was scrolling through facebook and found out that the little girl of a page that i have been following for awhile, passed away a few days ago. She was born premature and had kidney issues and had to have regular dialysis. From what i understand she passed away 2 days before her first birthday. I follow a lot of support pages and know to sometimes expect things like this to happen but it still breaks my heart every single time. I am so thankful that my baby boy is happy and healthy and i treasure every minute of everyday with him even if i sometimes get frustrated. sigh. RIP Sophia.

4:00 P.M
We were told that the electrician would be calling us to set up a time to come and fix the bathroom light, that was last night. He still has not called us and we still do not have light in our bathroom. Its so frustrating. Guess its going to be another night of peeing in the dark haha. Dinner smells amazing! I posted the recipe on the "recipe page". You can find the link under the pages section on the right.  :)

Must Have!!

I saw this new scentsy warmer today and i fell in love, i must have this. Its so cute. I love owls! <3

5:00 P.M
Jace just learned to ride his zebra toy!! SO very exciting when he learns something new lol I think he was pretty proud of himself as well. Its getting crazy foggy outside, which i love! I think it looks so neat.

7:20 P.M
My house is pretty much trashed and i really didnt do ANYTHING today, didnt clean 
at all. I got myself and Jace dressed, i fed us, id say that i did a good enough job. LOL Tomorrow will be cleaning day for me. I try to clean clean at least 2 times per week and just clean most days but today i just didnt feel like doing anything today. I am patiently waiting for bed time because i need a mental break, this kid is currently up on the table shaking his drink. Hes got so much energy its tiring lol 

9:00 P.M
Getting Jace ready for bed and then im going to lay down and watch some Ghost Whisperer on netflix, i love that show. If you havent seen it you should totally check it out, well if your into that kind of thing i guess. 

Goodnight everyone!!!!

How motherhood changed my thoughts

Before i was ever even pregnant i thought i was set in my opinions on the mother i was going to be. Even while i was pregnant i thought i knew. When Jace was born, all of that changed. 
When we found out that we were having a boy i was very set on him being circumcised. I thought that that was the normal and the best thing to do for my son for so many reasons. I said i wasnt going to breastfeed, it just didnt feel right to ME. I had Jaces crib set up in another room before he was born. I thought that everything should happen on a exact timeline like it does with "other kids". 
After Jace was born. i did my research and became educated and decided not to circumcise, this shocked my husband because before i had my baby i was all for it. I just couldnt do it, and now, im so glad that i didnt. Unfortunately by the time that i realized that i should have breastfed it was too late, another lesson learned. As soon as Jace came home from the hospital we moved his crib into our room, and he didnt even sleep in it until he was almost 8 months old, he slept in his bouncer right next to our bed. This was because he ended up having reflux issues but also because i needed him right at arms reach for me to feel secure. He was swaddled until he was like 7 months old, again not the advice that would be given by "the pros" but its what worked for me and my baby, its the only way he would sleep. 
Jace has always managed to do most things a week or 2 later than what "the pros" say it should be and i used to get concerned by this. Thinking, is there something wrong with my boy? He hasnt rolled over yet and this website says he shouldve 2 days ago lol. Hell, to this day he still wont use a spoon  and his vocabulary is still a bit low. Last time he went to the dr he was off a couple points on his 15 month "testing" and the dr was asking if we wanted him in speech therapy?! Gees. So my point to all of this? Becoming a mother changes everything you ever thought you wanted or knew and kids, they do things when they are ready , not when a book tells them too!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Daily Blog - Toddler Teething Madness!

1:40 P.M
This poor kid! Last night i couldnt get him to go to sleep until almost 1 a.m, He usually goes to sleep at 9, latest at 10. Every time i would put him in his crib he would scream and scream and even growled a few times so i had no choice but to get him up , hold him etc. Even then he would break out in fits of whining and or crying. All that is after some ibuprofen. 
This morning we wake up and its right back to the whining, screaming fit throwing im going to stand under your feet and yell at you until you hold me , thing. Currently he is eating his lunch peacefully and i am PRAYING that nap time goes smoothly so i can clean the living room for the 3rd time today and possibly take a nice peaceful shower! Now its off to clean this little mac n cheese monster! 

3:20 P.M
After i got Jace cleaned up from lunch i started on the kitchen. He was into everything (including some batteries which he felt the need to put in his mouth )and thankfully he was getting tired. So at 2:15 i put him down for a nap and he was out!! Oh what a relief it is!! This momma needed a break, and a shower! So its 3 20 now and i got my shower, finished the kitchen, swept and mopped and cleaned the living room. AGAIN. 
On another note, something is wrong with our light switch in the bath room, its like stuck or something so we now currently do not have light in the bathroom :/ Its been acting up for over a week and i guess we should have done something about it then lol 
For the rest of Jaces nap i am going to sit here, yup, just sit. Probably watch some you tube videos or something.

5:30 P.M
Hubby just got home from work not to long ago. Jace slept almost 2 1/2 hours , i think he needed it! He is in a much better mood since napping and i enjoyed my alone time just sitting watching Doogie Howser MD and eating ramen lol. I love Doogie, actually i love all the older tv shows from the late 80s and 90s. 
Im so tired, i hope that Jace decides to go to bed at a decent time tonight. Geromy has called our landlord about the bathroom light switch because we think there is a short in the wiring which could cause a fire so i hope a electrician gets out here soon, plus we have no light in there right now and its about to get dark out , i for one dont want to attempt to pee in the dark LOL

8:30 P.M
Jace had his dinner and ate almost all of it! Its not very often that he does that so i was pretty thrilled. Its a rather uneventful friday night at our house - were watching Doogie Howser still lol The electrician hasnt called us yet so there still is not light in the bathroom , sigh. That midnight trip to the bathroom should be interesting. The living room is a mess again, in fact i am pretty sure the whole house is lol. Its impossible to keep it clean with a toddler. I give up! well not really, just until tomorrow when i start the process over again. Today i had some random thoughts about money. I wouldnt want to be rich. Im sure that sounds crazy but heres my thinking, i get excited to have new things. It gives me a great feeling. Just one of those things in life i guess lol if i were rich and could get everything i wanted when i wanted it i wouldnt appreciate what i had or even get excited about it because it would be nothing new to me. I just want to be content. Which i am most of the time. Ok so enough random thoughts. 
Today was my first go at the "daily blog". In the future they will be more eventful but today was just a first :)  I will still have other random blogs and such. 
Thanks for reading 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Pregnancy #2 & Related fears

I always have wanted to have 3 kids. The typical 3 kids, cat and a dog, house with a white fence etc. I knew from a early age that i was most likely going to have problems getting pregnant because my cycles were just so messed up. It took 4 long years to get to baby #1. The older Jace has gotten the more and more I am wanting to start trying for baby # 2 but i feel like i cant. I am scared of having Preeclampsia and or HELLP syndrome again. I am afraid that if i do get it again it will kill me. Many times i have gone back and forth with myself, with hubby about the possibility of just not having another baby. These thoughts have even gone as far as keeping me up all night with different scenarios running through my mind. These thoughts have taken up hours and hours of daily thoughts. I have decided that i will have one more. I have not started trying yet, im still very scared and i dont feel nearly healthy enough to become pregnant right now. I wish i was. I wish i didnt have to have these fears running through my mind all the time. I envy women who can get pregnant easily and have happy, healthy pregnancies. I feel cheated. As a woman i feel that its what i am meant to do and its problem after problem. Problem getting pregnant, problems during pregnancy, problems after pregnancy. 
Statistically speaking, preeclampsia is know as "the first pregnancy condition". Often times it doesnt repeat itself in later pregnancies but at the same time it often does. I guess it all depends on other factors such as, how early or late in the pregnancy you got it, how bad did you have it etc. For me, i developed it at 35/36 weeks, i do not know how severe it would have gotten had i not already been in the hospital and gone into labor. But i do know that i got it pretty late in the pregnancy and it wasnt too horribly bad. Ive read that if you get it again it usually isnt as bad and usually will occur at a later point in pregnancy so i guess those are bonus points right? 
The only thing stopping me now is me. I know i need to get health  before i can try again but sometimes i feel so defeated that i just keep putting it off. I need to get into the right mindset and out of this zone that i am in. I have just felt so unhealthy since all of this happened and im pretty sure its not all in my head. I think it really took its toll on me emotionally and physically. 
I want Jace to have someone to grow up with. He has a older brother but they are 10 years apart and i dont think they will ever share that close bond. Its time to get my ass in gear before i hit menopause lol
This will be another journey for sure, but im up for the challange!! 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Motherhood, Health and Life in general

Here i go with yet, another update blog lol But this time, its more of a general update , me, marriage, motherhood, health etc. 
Since having Jace my life has been completely different than it has ever been. To be expected, i know. Everything that i used to be, or that i thought was is now a distant memory replaced with a whole new person who lives to make her family happy. Being a mother is the most rewarding yet challenging experience ever. I am rewarded every single day by his smile, his giggles or getting to witness him learn something new. I am challenged everyday because it is my responsibility to make sure he grows up into a good person. Therefore i must be that good person i would want him to go up to be. At this age, teaching him right from wrong is a bit of a challange. Its like i know he understands but he doesnt all at the same time. I might as well put it out there, i am 100% anti-spanking. I do not believe in it what so ever so when it comes to discipline i have to find ways to teach him without resulting to hitting. I know that a lot of the time he does things just to get that reaction out of us and when he does he laughs. When he laughs it makes me wonder if he knows it was wrong and 2, it makes it hard for me to be serious and not laugh lol like i said, challenging. I know its a long road ahead!
Since having Jace my body has not been the same in any sense. My bp has remained slightly elevated. I still get swelling in my legs and despite the fact that when i left the hospital i was under my pre pregnancy weight, i have since gained a significant amount of weight. This could be caused by many factors, zoloft for anxiety, PCOS, lifestyle changes, Blood sugar issues. At this point I still do not know. For a few months i was very dedicated to cardio exercise and trying to eat healthier. In that time i lost a very little amount but sometimes even gained. It was frustrating to say the least and i guess at some point i gave up. I am now heavier than i was at the time i had Jace and heavier than i have ever been. I am not happy about it at all and am trying to find it within myself to jump back in. I know that i have to do it for me and my family and also so that i can continue to add to my family. (ill talk more about that in another blog)
Me and the hubby are doing good. we have def had our bumps in the road but as usual we always have overcome them and we always will. We are coming up on our 6 year wedding anniversary on april 25 , i cant believe how fast it has gone. Im hoping we will be able to do something special this year as i know we both need it so very much . Life has been pretty stressful at times this last couple years. But hey, what doesnt kill you makes you stronger right?
About a year ago i decided that i needed friends. LOL i really didnt have anyone local due to the fact that i was never really in a position to meet new people so i started a local moms group on facebook. Best thing i couldve done. Ive met so many wonderful friends and have had the rewarding experience of helping so many people in the process. Aside from being a stay at home mom and wife , thats what i do, I run a moms group. At this point there is somewhere around 140 members but that changes all the time. Recently i have decided to expand the group into something bigger, more of a community resource as well. I started a page which i hope will help local mothers find resources , advice and the friends that they need as well. I love helping people and one day i hope to make a big positive impact locally. I love what i do. I wouldnt change it for anything.
Now i need to get up and clean the house, a toddler tornado has totally destroyed many rooms lol. I also think he may be in the process of destroying yet another diaper as well. lol tmi much? Talk to you all later!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Trip to the park & a walk on the trail

While it was nice outside for the earlier part of the day, we decided to take Jace to the park up the street. We played there for a little while, he loves the swings. We just introduced him to the slides , i think he likes it. Im just not sure he gets it yet. LOL. I wish the weather would get nice and stay that way already but i was thankful to be able to take him out for part of the day!

This evening and tonight i think it has dropped more than 30 degrees quickly. We had a lot of wind, again. Weve had a lot of it lately, and not just breezy wind. Like crazy, fly a house across the city windy lol We even had some more snow. I hate snow really. I like looking at it and thats about it. I guess i live in the wrong state. I hope you all are having a wonderful night! 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Updates & Such - Part 4 Jace 12-16 months Etc.

Since turning 1, Jace has mastered the art of walking, running, and climbing. He is into everything. The dvds dont stay on the shelf for even half of the day, he thinks it fun to rip them all off the shelf and throw them on the floor. This started almost right when he started crawling, he would get the ones on the bottom shelf, Then when he could pull himself up it became the 2nd shelf and then before i knew it, he was tall enough to pull them from the top shelf too. He even has learned to open the cases which makes it all the more interesting. 
He has always been what i consider to be a little bit behind with a few things but for the most part id say he does very well! He plays with his toys, flips the pages in books, tries to kiss the puppies and kitties on the tv. lol hes an animal lover! All in all id say he pretty entertaining! 

A few days after he turned one , we took a little trip to Garden Of The Gods for the 1st time! Its so Beautiful! 

2nd Halloween

2nd Thanksgiving

2nd Christmas


At his 15 month check up he weighed 20 lbs and was 29 inches long. That FINALLY brought him to the 10th percentile for height and weight lol Before that, he was below the 5th. My lil munchkin! He is just not starting to truly fit into 12 month pants and he is almost 17 months. :) 

Jace slept in our room until just about a week age. He has his own room now and i thought that the transition was going to be hard, but it turns out i was the only one that it was hard on. Jace has always been awesome with big changes and he loves his new room!! 
Im pretty sure that brings us up to date as far as Jace goes!! I will be writing again soon for further updates. Thanks for reading and remember to subscribe to get e mail updates. I will be posting often <3