Saturday, March 1, 2014

Daily Blog - Happy 1st Day Of March!

9:30 A.M
We slept in a bit this morning which is always nice. However, i woke up with a sore throat and the weather outside is icky, drizzling frozen rain.. Guess there will be no outside play today. Im really hoping my sore throat is just from the heater and nothing more. I have managed to not get sick this cold and flu season , knock on wood. Jace is drinking his pediasure (thats usually his 1st breakfast) and i think we will just watch some tv for a bit. Geromy had to go to work for a few hours today so its just me n the kid right now.
11:00 A.M
Its starting to snow, im so over this. I dont like winter and i dont like summer. Spring and Fall are the best because its not usually one extreme or another i dont like to hot and cold is just bleh. I need to start working on getting the back yard cleaned up so that we can put outside toys for Jace this year. Last year he was too little so we never have really used our back yard and its currently full of dead leaves, dead weeds and thousands of branches. Its at least a two day project to clean it. We raked up all the leaves and such in the front yard last week, it looks so much better now. Id like to plant some flowers this year too. It would be a first for me so i think i need to do some research lol. Time to throw dinner in the crockpot

Dinner Plan
Chicken Gravy & Mashed Potatoes
Ill post the recipe on the "recipe page"

12:20 P.M
Im losing patience fast today with this kid! Knocking over trash cans, climbing to the top of the couch, chewing on cords, yelling in my face when i was eating, putting everything in his mouth. When i try to see what he has in his mouth he will either refuse to open his mouth or he will bite me when i put my finger in there to fish it out, OUCH. OMG Is it nap time yet?? I mean i love him so much but some days he makes me want to pull my hair out. LOL This is just another reason why i want spring to come so bad, i miss playdates and going to the park. I think if he was more entertained he would be a bit calmer.

2:00 P.M
Jace started his nap early today some time around 1ish. Just been hanging out with hubby and watching tv, had some lunch. I was scrolling through facebook and found out that the little girl of a page that i have been following for awhile, passed away a few days ago. She was born premature and had kidney issues and had to have regular dialysis. From what i understand she passed away 2 days before her first birthday. I follow a lot of support pages and know to sometimes expect things like this to happen but it still breaks my heart every single time. I am so thankful that my baby boy is happy and healthy and i treasure every minute of everyday with him even if i sometimes get frustrated. sigh. RIP Sophia.

4:00 P.M
We were told that the electrician would be calling us to set up a time to come and fix the bathroom light, that was last night. He still has not called us and we still do not have light in our bathroom. Its so frustrating. Guess its going to be another night of peeing in the dark haha. Dinner smells amazing! I posted the recipe on the "recipe page". You can find the link under the pages section on the right.  :)

Must Have!!

I saw this new scentsy warmer today and i fell in love, i must have this. Its so cute. I love owls! <3

5:00 P.M
Jace just learned to ride his zebra toy!! SO very exciting when he learns something new lol I think he was pretty proud of himself as well. Its getting crazy foggy outside, which i love! I think it looks so neat.

7:20 P.M
My house is pretty much trashed and i really didnt do ANYTHING today, didnt clean 
at all. I got myself and Jace dressed, i fed us, id say that i did a good enough job. LOL Tomorrow will be cleaning day for me. I try to clean clean at least 2 times per week and just clean most days but today i just didnt feel like doing anything today. I am patiently waiting for bed time because i need a mental break, this kid is currently up on the table shaking his drink. Hes got so much energy its tiring lol 

9:00 P.M
Getting Jace ready for bed and then im going to lay down and watch some Ghost Whisperer on netflix, i love that show. If you havent seen it you should totally check it out, well if your into that kind of thing i guess. 

Goodnight everyone!!!!

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