Saturday, October 9, 2010

Blog challenge day 1- introduce yourself

My name is Brittany Christman.I am 25 years old. I am married to my love, Geromy Michael Christman. Hes 27.He is my everything.  We have been married since april 25th 2008.Weve gone through so much together in the 3 1/2 years we have been together, a lot of ups and downs. Marriage is def not easy and it takes a lot of work and love to make it work.

 I went to school to be a medical assistant but it seems to me that there are to many MA's and not enought jobs. So currently im just a stay at home wife and step mom to my 7 year old step son, Geromy. He keeps me on my toes and as some of you may have experiences, being a step parent is not easy! But i love him all the same.

I was diagnosed with pcos over a year ago and we are currently fighting infertility. Its heartbreaking but i think having pcos and infertility has made me a stronger person.
I enjoy reading, blogging and just living a simple life, now by simple i dont mean easy, i mean simple, dont need all the fancy things in life.I love to decorate the house, im into modern design.
I love my cat, he is my baby!! His name is kloud and he is like a kid to me. I love animals, we have a my cat and a ferret named gyro. Never liked ferrets until hubby convinced me that we should get one, hes alright he just smells funny lol.

I try to be the best person i can be. Ive made a lot of mistakes in my life but i also think that my mistakes have made me a better person. All i really want out of life is to be ok. Just have my family and happiness. I truly dont ask for much. Ive learned its best to be thankful and happy for what you have rather than mad and upset about what you dont have. Once you can learn to be content with what uve got, you really do become a happier more calm person.
Ive learned that you have very few true friends in life. My dad always told me, You go through life having maybe one or two true friends and the others most of the time are aquaintences that will eventually stab you in the back. Yes, i have developed so trust issues which im working on. Ive always been overly trusting and nice and ive been walked all over more times than i can count.
I love older movies, not like black and white ones, i mean like sister act, my girl, father of the bride and stuff like that. Im a kid at heart. I love the holidays :) So this is me, summed up. Hope i didnt bore u! lol

Friday, October 8, 2010

vitamin water

In a attempt to change my diet i have decided that im cutting out all soda. I will replace it with vitamin water or regular water. In the mornings however i will have my carnation breakfast drink. This should dramatically help in the weight loss process. Now if only i could stay away from all the sugars and carbs. Im an addict and i can admit that lol. I have yet to find the motivation to cut those out. I think that when i do i might lose my mind. HAHA. Ive heard that caffiene can affect fertility so cutting that out should do some good as well.
I am beginning to think that candy and soda and iced coffees should be against the law lol. They arent doing anything good for any of us and thats probably why like 80% of america is overweight, and having pcos does not help that either.  
As soon as i get my results back from my colposcopy i will start taking my prenatal vitamins again. I am supposed to take them throughout the whole pcos study but when i got that abnormal pap i just stopped taking them for the time being. So now im just rambling, sorry about that lol anyways thanks for reading Goodnight everyone.

Some more updates

So, some of you may know that a few months ago i found a pcos study here in colorado. Its basically a study of two medications. Clomid, And letrozol. They wanna see if letrozol works as well as clomid with ovulation and pregnancy with PCOS. I was totally excited but i was worried that i wouldnt qualify because when i was diagnosed with pcos i was told that i had a problem with my uterus called a septate uterus which is a cause for recurrent miscarriages. Well, during my exams they said my uterus was fine!!! I cant even explain how i felt at that moment. I had gone over a year feeling that i would never have children because of the combination of a septate uterus and pcos. I truly feel that god had a hand in that miracle.
So , my tubes were open everything looked great all i had to do was wait for the reusults of my pap to come back and then i could start the study! Well, when she called with my results i wasnt so happy anymore. She said that my pap came back abnormal and i had high risk HPV. High risk hpv is the type that causes cervical cancer. So i had to get a colposcopy and biopsy done of the abnormal parts of my cervix. I was scared to death. It took like three weeks to get in for the biopsy which was not fun. I went in on monday the fourth to have it done and now im just waiting for the results to say i dont have cancer so i can get back in the study and hopefully with this study i will get my lil miracle i long so much for. My results should be back within the next week, but that is not nearly soon enough. its scary. Geromy, My hubby, has been very supportive through all this <3 I love you babe!! He was a bit scared as well when i got the results from the pap. But he somehow knew that everything would be ok.
So thats my update with the whole pcos thing. Ill be posting a lot of posts to get caught up with everything thats going on with me. Thanks for reading and i hope you have a blessed day

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A bit down today.

Well i found myself feeling kinda down today about this pcos thing. All the symptoms that i am getting are truly depressing. The infertility, hair growth, slight hair loss, the acne, weight gain, pelvic pain, the mood swings, just the overall experience of this is horrible. Its so odd to think that three years ago i had never even heard of this pcos hell. If it werent for me and my hubby getting a book called "getting pregnant" , i cant help but feel that i may have never known. Its all still so weird. Seeing that there are foundations and donations for support for pcos, pcos ribbons, awareness month and even 5k walks and runs, really makes me think, wow this really is for real. No cure, i think thats the part that is the scariest. To know that us women have to pretty much just endure what is being thrown at us because all in all there is nothing we can really do but try our asses off and then get depressed when we "fail". Especially when every month you POAS and once again its a negative test. Babies are everywhere with everyone its always a constant reminder of what i cant have at this time and its down right depressing. Here i go again rambling but truly this is all heartbreaking. I keep telling myself that there are things that i can do to minimize the symptoms but i just cant bring myself to commit to that. Maybe its cuz of depression, who knows. I just know that im tired of pcos and i want it to go away!!!!

Finally figured it out

Ok, so it took me forever to figure this blogger thing out. i must have started six different pages just trying to get it right, but i finally did! go me. lol i used to be soo good at all this html stuff when i was younger and i guess i just needed a refresher course on it :) So here i am, and please bare with me, im still adding stuff on here, so there is more to come.
So my plans for this page is to bitch about pcos, post things ive found about pcos and also share my infertility journey with all of you. I know for me, that reading other peopls blogs on this matter really help me feel like im not alone. In the real world, out side of cyber space, i do truly feel alone because there is  no one around me, family, friends, or anyone that is going through this hell we call pcos and infertility. So needless to say, the only way i can relate to people and they can relate to me is on the internet, so that has become my new life lol. My husband tries to be supportive but he doesnt understand and he also has a 7 year old child. I kinda feel bad for him having to deal with all my issues. A guilt that im sure i dont need to feel but i do.
So anyways keep checking back for all my updates and new things on here! thanks for reading :)