Pregnancy #1

Ahhh I am able to actually write about MY PREGNANCY. Its still amazing to me to be able to say that because sometimes i thought i never may be able to.

This is pregnancy #1 Jace Michael Allen Christman

*Sunchorionic Hemorrhage at 6 weeks 

around 11 weeks

17 weeks

21 weeks

25 weeks 

27 weeks

30 weeks

august 27

Sept 4

Baby Shower Co Ed BBQ

Preparing for Baby Jace 

32/33 weeks 

Last picture of me pregnant, Im not sure when exactly lol

Some facts about this pregnancy

My nose was always stuffy especially at night 

I didnt have any morning sickness until the 2nd trimester but i never once threw up

I was a insane person for the 1st trimester and part of the 2nd. I remember laughing and crying hysterically at the same time and not being able to stop. LOL 

I once had a dream that i had jace, brought him home and he turned into a kitten. haha

I developed aversions to people and the heater. 

I couldnt stand the smell of soaps, sprays and laundry soaps. We had to switch all of them like every week and i still cant stand a lot of the smells anymore 

I didnt have any "relations" the whole pregnancy .

I developed gestational diabetes before the end of the 1st trimester. 

I had bleeding at 6 weeks. 

I developed severe preeclampsia/HELLP syndrome. 

Jace was born 5 weeks early. 

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