Friday, April 25, 2014

6 Year anniversary!

6 years ago today, Geromy and i got up and got hitched. Yup, we said screw the wedding lets just do it. So we did. The stress of planning the wedding and the cost etc just got to me too much of a pain. Sadly, I do not have any pictures of this as it was as quick and simple as it could get. I do regret not getting any pictures taken that day, even if it was just one. 
We have talked about having a wedding on on of our anniversaries in the future and i think we will.
Our marriage has not always been an easy adventure, we had our problems and our ups and downs but here we are. With time came progress. Changes did not happen over night. They happened over time. We have grown so much as individuals as well as a couple. I believe that we have made a positive impact on each others lives in so many different ways. We are better people because we came together and fought through the hard times and showed each other the way to a happier and healthier life.
We are far from perfect, we have a lot of learning to do still. We have our fights, we have our faults. We are still continuing to grow , together.
Our family together is not quite complete but i know one day it will be. Together we have created the greatest blessing of all, our son Jace. He has brought so much happiness and joy into our lives, thank you for helping me to achieve that dream!
 We dont have it all together in life just yet but i know we will. Life is a journey and im glad to be sharing mine with you, Geromy. I love you and i look forward to many more years of laughing, crying, struggling, excelling, growing, annoying you and being annoyed at you. I know there is nothing that we can not get through. We are strong. Happy 6th anniversary. <3


Monday, April 21, 2014

Retraction of previous statement

There comes a point in everyones lives when they say the wrong thing, im at that point. LOL In my last post regarding the honest company diapers i said that i believed they were giving Jace a rash. I was proven wrong tonight when he started scratching at the same area again after being in a completely different diaper brand for over 24 hours. So im thrilled that it wasnt the diapers but clueless as to what is causing it! Yay for being able to continue with the honest diapers. 
I had emailed The Honest Co earlier today and they got back with me rather quickly, They sincerely apologized about the diaper issue and also is sending me a free bottle of their dish soap. This company has the best customer service team i have ever seen! Way to go Honest Co! 


Another honest review about the Honest Co.

Let me first start off by saying that i love the honest company. There are so many great things about them and their products. As you all know, i ordered their bundles a few weeks ago with every intention of switching out the diapers wipes and most products in my home. I am sad to report that the diapers gave Jace a rash the whole time he was wearing them (we just stopped about 24 hours ago) he was itching to the point (in a certain spot) that he was leaving a couple small scabs. Why didnt i stop use of the diapers right away? A couple reasons really. 1) I didnt think it was from the diapers. I thought he had just managed to get some irritation and since he wouldnt leave it alone , it didnt go away quickly. 2) I used several different things such as , lotion, powder, healing balm and coconut oil on it to try to get it to go away. It did not. As much as i wanted it to and as much as i thought it would, it didnt. Now i want to also say that this was not a horrible rash, not like you would typically see in an allergic reaction to a diaper, this was more of a constant irritation of that area. So the day before yesterday i gave in, sucked it up and stopped use of the diapers and the rash is going away. I love their wipes and will still continue to use them as often as i can. 
Now onto the dish soap. Normally we use the regular blue Dawn dish soap. We pay about 3 dollars for a pretty big bottle and that will last us over a month! Its great soap but i figured i might as well completely make the change. I was a bit put off at first by the price of the Honest company dish soap but since it was going into a bundle i went ahead with it. At first i thought it was great, it smelled great , no harsh ingredients etc. Well its been about a week and the whole bottle is almost gone because it doesnt seem to go very far at all meaning we have to use a lot more to get the job done. So needless to say, we will be going back to pampers and dawn. They may not be the best thing out there in terms of chemicals and such but they have always worked for us!
I am still going to continue to use their other products like the dish scrubber, the body wash, lotion, hair mist, hand sanitzer etc. :) 
Disclaimer - These are my personal experiences and thoughts on the Honest Co products, results may vary from person to person , this is just meant to be informational.