Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Weight Loss Goals & Baby #2

I have been ready mentally and emotionally to start trying for baby #2 since Jace was about a year old. I knew that we couldnt just start trying like "normal" couples would. My health in my last pregnancy and my current health are preventing that. Since having Jace i managed to put on around 60 lbs. I think its a combination of Zoloft and PCOS that caused this massive weight gain. I currently off Zoloft (finally)! 
I set a goal for myself so lose 57 lbs before we would start trying for baby number 2. This would put me 5 lbs below my pre pregnancy weight. I have 50 more lbs to go and it all just seems so far away! I have been working very hard this last couple of weeks and have lost about 7 lbs so far. 
I need to get myself in the best shape possible for this next pregnancy. I have several risks such as gestational diabetes, Severe Preeclampisa and HELLP syndrome. While there is no way for me to prevent these things from happening completely, i can reduce some of the risk factors. 
My motivation is strong. I am determined to have one more child and to give Jace a brother or sister to grow up with. It means the world to me, so here i go on my journey to a better, healthier me!!