Saturday, February 22, 2014

Life Updates & Such Part 1 - My Pregnancy after Infertility

Wow, where to even begin!? The last couple updates that i made were, hey im finally pregnant and look i had the baby! lol So, i guess ill start there. 
This Blog is more intended for my fellow Cysters and TTC community since i didnt really follow up with you all! 
I found out i was pregnant and i was ecstatic and scared. I remember being so scared that i would almost tip toe when i walked and refused to sneeze, all because i was afraid i would "dislodge" the baby! LOL It all didnt seem real to me, i mean we had tried for 4 years and i wont even lie, there were times that i doubted that i would ever get my miracle. The day that i took the test, hubby was away working, it was 7 20 in the morning. I took a digital test and it was 11 DPO , i stood there in the bathroom staring at the test waiting for the expected yet dreaded words "not pregnant".
This was the first cycle ever that i had used a ovulation kit. We used the clearblue digital test. Of course hubby was against them because they were expensive but i won the fight haha. At the same time i was using fertilaid and preseed. For about a week i would pee on that stick only to get a empty circle, no smiley face and i was getting discouraged. Then one day, IT SMILED AT ME!!! lol i ran into the kitchen and i told Geromy look, he has a face he has a face!! i was excited, this meant my body was doing something right!! lol 
Fast forward to about 9 days after the positive test. Something was up. Hubby had bought me a iced coffee and i SWORE he had dumped rum in it lol! So not logical or anything but it tasted like alcohol, i even accused him of doing it, he thought it was nuts. The next day (10 dpo) i took another ovulation test because i had heard that they could be used as pregnancy tests, no smiley. Oh well. The next morning i took my digital test and it said PREGNANT omg guys, i will NEVER forget that feeling, I was shaking sooooo bad i took a pic and sent it to Geromy. 
He didnt respond so i waited about 15 minutes and called him and told him to check his messages and call me back. He did and apparently he was so excited he hugged his co worker! lol I wish he would have been home that day but it was exciting anyways! 
I dont want to go into too much detail and bore you all to death, so i will just highlight my pregnancy (for those of you who dont already know) For those of you who already know, feel free to wait for the next blog lol 
My estimated due date was Nov 1, 2012 based on LMP but Nov 7 based on ovulation
At 6 weeks i started bleeding, went to er , turns out i had a subchorionic hemorrhage , bled off and on for a few weeks 
HCG levels rising but not doubling, 2nd time i was convinced i was losing the baby :( 
7 weeks saw the heartbeat after i thought i wouldnt! Best feeling in the world <3 
12 weeks diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes , referred to Maternal Fetal Medicine
 I had a lot of ultrasounds and regular testing . I knew i was at a high risk due to pcos , the gestational diabetes etc. 
18 weeks, its a boy!! 
Around 25 weeks i developed Polyhydramnios ( too much amniotic fluid ) Most likely was due to the gestational diabetes, more monitoring.
Around 33/34 weeks i started to not feel right. Just really sluggish and bleh.
At my 34/35 ,  week check, Oct 4th  i told the dr i thought i had been contracting, she checked me, surprise! 4 cm dilated and 90 % effaced 
October 5 Woke up with bad headache, stayed all day, checked bp , was elevated, i had been swollen for a few weeks.  Admitted to L&D for 24 hour urine collection
October 6th 5:30 in the morning, i started contracting and was in active labor, 5 cm dilated. 
Started pitocin, broke waters which seemed to gush forever because there was SO MUCH. i looked like i was having twins lol. 
I was doing great with contractions but kept being pushed to make a decision on epidural so i just went with it, when they put it in, my bp shot up, i couldnt stop shaking, so cold, couldnt breathe started to panic. I think at one point my bp shot up to 200 something over 110 or so, came back down quickly. 
2 p.m or so Started pushing , 4:08 pm Jace was born, he was just so perfect and i was so in love with him! 
The next morning my dr informed me that i was developing severe preeclampsia and i guess partial HELLP syndrome (ill talk more about that later.). At that point my bp was normal and i was doing fine other than the massive pain i was in. Jace and i were discharged the normal 48 hours after birth. 
I will do a 2nd update soon. Right now i need to get off my butt and clean the house!! lol 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Far Too Long

Several times over the last couple years i have made attempts to start blogging again and , obviously, it never worked out lol. But here i am , im here for the long haul! I have been working on re designing my blog for the last couple days and will be continuing to do so , so keep checking back for updates. 
I will be doing a "updates" blog here very soon since there is so much to update on! I hope you all are doing very well and i look forward to blogging again! <3