Monday, January 24, 2011

Life- thats just the way it is.

Sometimes i wish that i could just learn to accept that somethings in life just are the way they are. Nothing i can do or say would ever change the way there are. They just... are. Ive spent a good chunk of my life trying to think of ways to change certain things and people. Ive now learned that sometimes its just not possible. And, even though i have learned that, sometimes i can not just accept it.
I really dont think that there are many people that can say that their lives turned out EXACTLY how they wanted it to. I know i cant. At this point there are many things in my life that i saw happening differently. But all i can do is try to change the things i can and stop worrying about the things that i cant. I think i would have a lot less stress in my life if i could just  put this simple thing into play. i just have to learn to accept the things that i dont like. But how? How do you just learn to be ok with the things in life that really get to you? Anyways, thats about enough of my late night rambles. Hope you all have a wonderul night.

Project 365 day 5

Hims likes his cards hehe

Sunday, January 23, 2011