Friday, March 28, 2014

One of those days

Today is one of those days, you know, the one when you want to hit the reset button and go back to bed?? The last couple of nights i have not been able to sleep. Im not so sure why but im tired. Jace decided to wake up a hour and a half earlier than normal today further interrupting my sleep. He is whiney, you know, the screechy whiney yell with the random growl? Yup thats my adorable toddler today. We even missed playgroup, again. Im thinking an early nap is in order, for both of us! lol
On another note, yes i redesigned my page, AGAIN. I think this time im going to keep it this way, who knows lol I enjoy doing it and its like a mental break & is relaxing!
Today actually turned into not such a bad day :) I found the things that im going to put in jaces easter basket and im super excited about it. Im usually way more excited than he is lol I cant wait to show you all! When the come in the mail I will do a whats in the easter basket post! Tonight me and Jace are just going to hang out and watch some tv until hubby comes home. Hopefully tonight i will be able to sleep a little better than the last few nights. 


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics Affiliate

I came across this company recently and decided that i loved what they did! I purchased the Happy Mama Spray and fell in love with it. The packaging is cute, and it smells amazing!! I became an affiliate to help spread the word of this wonderful company. They have something for everything from pregnancy to birth, to baby to postpartum! they also have a little line of things for Baby Loss, to help heal and calm the spirit. Heres a few of the things that they offer
I will be doing a full review of each product within the next couple of months. I am going to be ordering a bunch of things from them to try and im excited!!

Safe, organic, zero toxin products that work. Naturally.
"Earth Mama is the only complete line of zero toxin, hospital recommended organic and natural herbal products and USDA Certified 100% Organic teas specifically formulated to support women throughout the common discomforts of childbirth, from pregnancy through labor, postpartum recovery, breastfeeding, baby care and even the loss of a baby. All of Earth Mama’s products are made with only pure, natural worry-free ingredients. And every one rates a zero for toxins on the respected Skin Deep database; the best rating a product can receive.
Cruelty-free, certified vegan, kosher, and 100% free from toxic ingredients — that means
no formaldehyde, phthalates, petrochemicals, parabens, SLS, artificial preservatives,
artificial fragrances or dyes, and no Quaternium-15, or 1,4-Dioxane either. Just pure,
natural products for pure, natural mamas and babies. "

Earth Mama Bottom BalmNo-Toxins
Disclaimer: The links included in this post will take you to the Earth Mama Angel Baby website. I am an Earth Mama Angel Baby affiliate and will earn 20% from all purchases made by clicking on my links or banners. All opinions expressed are my own.


September 2009

Its amazing when you look back at a time in your life when you hated something so much about yourself and see something you only wish you could have again. I hated my body in at this time. Now, i would kill to have it back! I have to get back there, its not going to be easy but i have to. How did i let myself go so much? Well, the sad thing is that i dont eat any differently than i did here, something is my body has changed and caused my metabolism to turn to crap. Anyways, here is its, Throwback Thursday, September 2009. I was in a fertility study for PCOS at the time (notice the bruise on my arm)


Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Operation Preparation - Pregnancy & Baby #2!

Coming from a background of infertility struggles, i have found that part of what keeps me sane through the process is planning. preparing, etc. I am a ways off from starting to try for baby #2 yet im also very nervous over it all. Im nervous about it not happening quickly and suffering through that again, im nervous about the pregnancy , im just plain nervous.
I decided to help keep me motivated to get healthy and mentally prepared for my next journey i was going to start preparing for the next pregnancy and the next baby...
Someone was selling this in a local group and it intrigued me so i decided why not pick it up at a much cheaper price, just so i have it when i need it :)
I had never heard of this stuff or this company for that matter, i looked into it its 
This particular thing is Happy Mama Spray. the description says
 "Happy Mama Spray is virtual bliss in a bottle! A gloriously uplifting aromatherapy spray, it's made only with pure essential oils and flower essences for pregnancy nausea, on-edge new mamas, and even more patience-tested ones. For a quick spritz of bliss to get a queasy mama (or car sick kid) through the moment, spritz a little onto your wrist and inhale. Since there are no chemical fixatives to make the fragrance last an artificially long time, you get an instant blast of blissful relief. Because Happy Mama Spray is safe and natural there is no problem using it again and again, as needed. A spray and a deep sniff can help battle the "baby blues." And to tolerate toddler rampage, a silly spray on both mama and tot can tone down a tough moment!
Happy Mama Spray is made with a safe, proprietary blend that includes lime and ginger pure essential oils. " (this came directly from their site")

When i was pregnant with Jace i didnt get any morning sickness until the 2nd trimester and it was mild, i never threw up just had random times of nausea. I tried those preggy pop things and they worked so i thought i would give this a try. It smells great to, kinda smells like lemon mint or something, it does seem like a calming scent. It also can be used as a uplifting mood enhancer spray, we shall see how it works! I have a few other things in preparation for the next baby that was given to me as hand me downs. But this is the first thing that i have bought. Oh the excitement! :) Thanks for reading my ramblings! 


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Cleaning

9:20 A.M
Woke up, im so exhausted. Jace was up half of the night last night and im not sure why.He is still asleep right now but im sure that is not going to last very long!  I have so much to do today & hope that i can get it all done in proper timing lol Right now i am anxiously awaiting for the coffee pot to finish brewing my breakfast! Mmmm coffee....

9:45 A.M
Jace is up now, we are currently playing wheres your nose and wheres your eyes! LOL Love seeing his smiles in the mornings! <3

10:22 A.M
Fighting with a carpet cleaner, yup i cant figure out how to latch the darn thing and i am seriously getting pissed!!

11:50 A.M
Me & the carpet cleaner settled are differences and i was able to get my living room carpets cleaned! All the toddler spills and goop are pretty much gone and it smells fresh! I still have quite a bit left to do today such as, going to the bank, cleaning Jaces room, the bathroom, my room etc. I just love some spring cleaning lol Jace is sitting down eating some bananas right now so i thought id take a small coffee break :) 

1:00 P.M
Just got back from the bank a little bit ago, i had some lunch. About to get started on the kitchen and probably put Jace down for a nap within the hour so i can take a shower and clean the bathroom. I cant clean the bathroom when he is awake because he feels the need to play in the toilet and the trash can. I really need to get a toilet lock or something.

3:20 P.M
Soooo i put Jace down for his nap about 2 hours ago and i have only moved off the couch to get coffee lol... I still have the kitchen and bathroom to clean, still need to take a shower. He is still napping. I think i needed time to just sit and do nothing! Im sure he will be waking up soon. Gotta figure out what to make for dinner too.

6:30 P.M
Making some dinner, meat balls and mac n cheese. I managed to get the kitchen cleaned, got jaces room cleaned, & took my shower. Im pooped. Im done for the day, spring cleaning will continue tomorrow! I would say that i accomplished a lot today anyways.

8:30 P.M
Im sleepy, im probably going to be heading to bed soon. Im hoping that Jace doesnt want to have a middle of the night play time party again. Hes been so good at sleeping from 9 pm to 9 am almost every night. Im hoping to get out of the house for a bit tomorrow, maybe go to the park or something. Weve pretty much been housebound since we got sick almost 11 days ago. I am still stuffed up and cant hear out of one ear, Jace still has a runny nose and we both have coughs. Yuck, this end of sickness season sickness sucks!Goodnight everyone!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Kids things that i love...

Heres some random things that i just love for Jace!

The Cool Mist Vicks Starry Night humidifier. We bought this for Jace when he was a couple months old when he had a small cold. I think what initially attracted me to it was the fact that it lit up on the ceiling with starts that changed colors!! At the time Jace was still sleeping in our bedroom right next to me. It comes with a couple little vapor pads to try that are awesome. Its pretty quiet and works great as a night light, it was perfect at the time for me to wake up with him at night and feed him or change him. It comes with a 3 year warranty as well. I still use it in his room every night and he loves it!

I absolutely love the Melissa and Doug toys too , especially the chunky puzzles, they are too cute!

Aiden & Anias swaddle blankets. Jace was swaddled until he was like 7 months old. I needed a large blanket to swaddle him in so i ordered the aiden and anias one off amazon and i fell in love with it! Its big and the material is super soft and just thin enough. I highly recommend these!

My Pal Scout, My dad bought this for Jace quite a while ago and we just love it! Jace goes to bed with him every single night. The coolest thing about him is you can connect him to the computer and customize what he says and the music that he plays. He says the kids name, and talks to them Too cute!

Tiddliwinks Chenille Cable Knit Blanket. Geromy picked this blanket out for him way before he was born. It was the blanket that we took to the hospital when Jace was born. He has slept with it everyday since he was born. He carries it around everywhere with him, he loves his blankie! These blankets are super soft and cuddly and very durable. We have bought 2 total and Jace is almost 18 months old now.

Tomy Stacking Cups. I got them at walgreens on sale when Jace was like 5 months old or so and they are still one of his favorite things to play with, he loves them.

Just thought id share ;) Night Night everyone!

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Baby Fever & Troubles In Fertility

The baby fever is starting to hit so hard that sometimes it almost is making me sad. I wish that i could be like other ladies and be able to plan , get pregnant, have a easy going  pregnancy and have a beautiful healthy baby without having every fear in the world on my shoulders. I'm pretty jealous to be honest. I'm always happy for my friends and family when they announce their pregnancies or when the babies are born but i can not help but feel jealousy, sadness and frustration all at the same time. I pitty myself and my situation. I want so desperately to have at least one more child if not two. I want Jace to have brothers and or sisters to grow up with, i want a big family. There are so many obstacles standing in my way and its very intimidating. Infact its so intimidating that i find myself struggling with be able to complete the tasks to make it more possible and safer for me to have another child. Like weight loss, that is the biggest thing right now. To add the pressure of it all on top of the fact that its really hard for me to lose weight makes it seem almost impossible. I hate PCOS - Preeclampsia-HELLP syndrome & Gestational diabetes :( I need to get up and moving and do everything i can to make sure that i get pregnant this year, yup i said it. My goal is to be pregnant by the end of 2014. Ok rant over. Here we go....

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Top Mommy Blogs

Hey ya'll I just applied & was accepted to Top Mommy Blogs! How cool is that? Im not sure if they accept everyone, they say they dont but, yay me! lol So in each post there will be a link at the bottom to vote for me and bump my ranking up, please click it once a day! Thanks!
Also, If there is something you would like to see on my blog, let me know!
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