Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Cleaning

9:20 A.M
Woke up, im so exhausted. Jace was up half of the night last night and im not sure why.He is still asleep right now but im sure that is not going to last very long!  I have so much to do today & hope that i can get it all done in proper timing lol Right now i am anxiously awaiting for the coffee pot to finish brewing my breakfast! Mmmm coffee....

9:45 A.M
Jace is up now, we are currently playing wheres your nose and wheres your eyes! LOL Love seeing his smiles in the mornings! <3

10:22 A.M
Fighting with a carpet cleaner, yup i cant figure out how to latch the darn thing and i am seriously getting pissed!!

11:50 A.M
Me & the carpet cleaner settled are differences and i was able to get my living room carpets cleaned! All the toddler spills and goop are pretty much gone and it smells fresh! I still have quite a bit left to do today such as, going to the bank, cleaning Jaces room, the bathroom, my room etc. I just love some spring cleaning lol Jace is sitting down eating some bananas right now so i thought id take a small coffee break :) 

1:00 P.M
Just got back from the bank a little bit ago, i had some lunch. About to get started on the kitchen and probably put Jace down for a nap within the hour so i can take a shower and clean the bathroom. I cant clean the bathroom when he is awake because he feels the need to play in the toilet and the trash can. I really need to get a toilet lock or something.

3:20 P.M
Soooo i put Jace down for his nap about 2 hours ago and i have only moved off the couch to get coffee lol... I still have the kitchen and bathroom to clean, still need to take a shower. He is still napping. I think i needed time to just sit and do nothing! Im sure he will be waking up soon. Gotta figure out what to make for dinner too.

6:30 P.M
Making some dinner, meat balls and mac n cheese. I managed to get the kitchen cleaned, got jaces room cleaned, & took my shower. Im pooped. Im done for the day, spring cleaning will continue tomorrow! I would say that i accomplished a lot today anyways.

8:30 P.M
Im sleepy, im probably going to be heading to bed soon. Im hoping that Jace doesnt want to have a middle of the night play time party again. Hes been so good at sleeping from 9 pm to 9 am almost every night. Im hoping to get out of the house for a bit tomorrow, maybe go to the park or something. Weve pretty much been housebound since we got sick almost 11 days ago. I am still stuffed up and cant hear out of one ear, Jace still has a runny nose and we both have coughs. Yuck, this end of sickness season sickness sucks!Goodnight everyone!

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