Friday, March 28, 2014

One of those days

Today is one of those days, you know, the one when you want to hit the reset button and go back to bed?? The last couple of nights i have not been able to sleep. Im not so sure why but im tired. Jace decided to wake up a hour and a half earlier than normal today further interrupting my sleep. He is whiney, you know, the screechy whiney yell with the random growl? Yup thats my adorable toddler today. We even missed playgroup, again. Im thinking an early nap is in order, for both of us! lol
On another note, yes i redesigned my page, AGAIN. I think this time im going to keep it this way, who knows lol I enjoy doing it and its like a mental break & is relaxing!
Today actually turned into not such a bad day :) I found the things that im going to put in jaces easter basket and im super excited about it. Im usually way more excited than he is lol I cant wait to show you all! When the come in the mail I will do a whats in the easter basket post! Tonight me and Jace are just going to hang out and watch some tv until hubby comes home. Hopefully tonight i will be able to sleep a little better than the last few nights. 


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