Monday, March 24, 2014

Kids things that i love...

Heres some random things that i just love for Jace!

The Cool Mist Vicks Starry Night humidifier. We bought this for Jace when he was a couple months old when he had a small cold. I think what initially attracted me to it was the fact that it lit up on the ceiling with starts that changed colors!! At the time Jace was still sleeping in our bedroom right next to me. It comes with a couple little vapor pads to try that are awesome. Its pretty quiet and works great as a night light, it was perfect at the time for me to wake up with him at night and feed him or change him. It comes with a 3 year warranty as well. I still use it in his room every night and he loves it!

I absolutely love the Melissa and Doug toys too , especially the chunky puzzles, they are too cute!

Aiden & Anias swaddle blankets. Jace was swaddled until he was like 7 months old. I needed a large blanket to swaddle him in so i ordered the aiden and anias one off amazon and i fell in love with it! Its big and the material is super soft and just thin enough. I highly recommend these!

My Pal Scout, My dad bought this for Jace quite a while ago and we just love it! Jace goes to bed with him every single night. The coolest thing about him is you can connect him to the computer and customize what he says and the music that he plays. He says the kids name, and talks to them Too cute!

Tiddliwinks Chenille Cable Knit Blanket. Geromy picked this blanket out for him way before he was born. It was the blanket that we took to the hospital when Jace was born. He has slept with it everyday since he was born. He carries it around everywhere with him, he loves his blankie! These blankets are super soft and cuddly and very durable. We have bought 2 total and Jace is almost 18 months old now.

Tomy Stacking Cups. I got them at walgreens on sale when Jace was like 5 months old or so and they are still one of his favorite things to play with, he loves them.

Just thought id share ;) Night Night everyone!

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