Thursday, April 3, 2014

I have fallen in love again..

....with the honest company!
My first bundles came today and i was like a little kid on Christmas! I am so excited LOL I will be doing the updated review that i mentioned in the last post about the honest company soon. This months bundles contained 6 packs of diapers (204) 2 packages of wipes, dish soap, sudsy dish scrubber thing, floor cleaner, multi surface cleaner, 2 hand soaps, 2 spray hand sanitizers, & a conditioning mist.

I have been pretty busy the last few days & things have been chaotic!! Family in town, Helping Samantha adjust, dog sitting etc etc. Tonight we will have a house full of kids for the night, Jace, Lil Geromy, My nieces, and the dog too! I'm going to make biscuit calzones for dinner, YUM. 


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Busy week!

Today i started day care for a little girl, shes 15 months old, so pretty close to Jace in age and size LOL So far its been pretty good, it will take some adjusting. This is a full time thing. Itll be nice for Jace to have someone to play with every day. 
Im dog sitting while my BIL, SIL & nieces and nephew are out here from ID. This was the first time Jace gets to meet his uncle & cousins! Very Exciting. Its going to be a very busy week to say the least, I will try to post as much as i can. 

April Fools Day
I hate this "holiday". I find it incredibly annoying, am i the only one? I think it should just be cancelled all together lol


Sunday, March 30, 2014

My weekend , in pictures!

{first time on an escalator}

{running through JC Penny}

{March Of Dimes Bear}

{Walking with daddy at the flea market!}

{yes, we are Colorado people. hoodies, shorts and sandals lol}

{my most awesome find this weekend!!}