Saturday, March 8, 2014

Daily Blog - March For Babies

8:00 A.M
Woke up feeling shaky, cold , and nauseous. Im not sure if im just hungry or whats going on. Geromy has been feeling sickly since yesterday. I hope its nothing!! Jace is still sleeping. I have to pick up Lil Geromy at 9 and he will be here until tomorrow night. I hope the roads arent bad. Its crazy to think that yesterday and today is all snowy and tomorrow will be almost 70 degrees lol

10:40 A.M
Went and picked up Lil Geromy, stopped by Kmart to grab a few things and came home. The snow is all melting and i think this day may actually be decent lol My house however, is a mess and i have a lot of cleaning to do today.

March Of Dimes
March For Babies
This year we are going to be walking in the March For Babies walk on april 26. As most of you know Jace was born at 35 weeks weighing in at 6 lbs 5.8 oz , he dropped almost a lb after he was born before he started gaining. He was admitted to the hospital 2 times after he was born, the first time he was 5 days old. He was having bradycardia episodes (his heart rate would drop really low) and his oxygen levels would drop. He was on oxygen for a month or so after he was discharged from the hospital for the 2nd time. I have set up a page  for those who would like to donate to the march of dimes on our behalf to help babies who were born to soon!! Please check it out, its really a great cause!!

Click HERE to see our page , or to make donations!! Thanks for your support.
You Can See Jaces Story HERE

11:45 P.M
I give up. My house will never be clean again. I clean something up and Jace is making more messes at the same time or he completely undoes what i did. Like putting his toys in the basket , i put them in there and within a couple mins he is literally just dumping it all back on the floor. Dvds, i put them up, he pulls them back down. Im seriously at my witts end today, and its not even lunch time! AHHHHHH

1:45 P.M
Jace is finally napping and im taking every minute of quiet and rest that i can get! LOL He has a tooth coming in and it looks painful. Poor Lil Guy

Look What Came Today!! 

I am so excited for this!! :) 

3:15 P.M
Went to safeway. Jace got super giggly and hyper in the water isle, LOL he giggled the rest of the way through the store and all the way home, cutest thing ever. Making some awesome beef strog. for dinner. Ill ptobably post my recipe for that tonight as well. 

6:00 P.M
Cooking dinner and watching some leap frog cartoons with Jace. Its been a pretty nice day overall. Poor hubby cant sleep and hasnt been able to for a couple of days now, im thinking insomnia. I feel bad for him and hope that tonight he sleeps. Ive been having some trouble sleeping as well, maybe its something in the air.

7:45 P.M
Dinner was awesome. Im still hoping to get that recipe posted tonight. I think its going to be an early night again for all of though. Jace didnt nap much, im tired, Geromy is already in bed. Im excited for tomorrows nice weather so we can maybe take the kids to the park and enjoy some warmer weather before it snows again. Have a goodnight everyone!!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Daily Blog - Nostalgia & Baby Fever!

7:15 A.M
We got up early to take Geromy to Memorial Hospital for his MRI on his back. Hes been in pain for a long time and has had multiple different diagnosis. Hopefully we will get some answers this time and get this under control. 

11:05 A.M
Just got home and got situated. I am so sleepy, i didnt sleep well last night and then had to get up early, Not fun. Jace had fun running up and down the halls waiting for daddy to get done. We took a walk over to the womens center/birthing center and sat down in the chairs out front and had some breakfast. I have to tell ya, the feelings i get when im in that part of the hospital are almost indescribable. Its like nostalgia and longing at the same time. I remember how safe i felt when i was there , i want to go back. I want to have another child. I miss it all. Not far from the birthing center is the childrens hospital too which also brings on its own set of  emotions. The memories run thick in that hospital. So we just sat there and i took it all in, as weird as that sounds lol. Baby Fever is in full effect guys, it really is! 


Breakfast for Jace, Grapes and Bananas, Im jealous.

So Sleepy!

12:30 P.M
I think Jace and i are going to take a nap. Im so so tired today. I still need to figure out what i feel like making for dinner tonight. The weather is gloomy and rainy so i was thinking maybe soup or something along those lines. I dont know, ill worry about it later lol

3:00 P.M
So its snowing like crazy outside and I just now noticed that someone stole our snow shovel off our porch! Are you kidding me?! Omg im so mad and im pretty sure it was the kid across the street that did it. SMH, what does it matter to the people who stole it? Its their gain and our loss and money. People make me mad. I still havent napped but i did have some coffee. Now im just tired and pissed off.

4:00 P.M
Still cant decide what to make for dinner. Sometimes i wish someone would say what they want instead of , whatever, i dont know, or i dont care. It would sure make my job easier sometimes. 
I just went to the doTERRA essential oils website because i just recently heard about them. I was interested in possibly getting some and O.M.G i would not pay those prices if i was rich. Some of it is just outrageously priced. I know essential oils are a bit pricey but they are over the top. Ill go elsewhere lol

6:30 P.M
We just had some dinner chicken, fish, and steamed mixed veggies. Just watching some movies on netflix and probably heading to bed early tonight. Sorry im cutting it short tonight but im just exhausted.
Hope you all have a great night! 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Daily Blog - Coffee shop Playgroup!

9:30 A.M
Last night was rough, Jace was up a few times crying, im not exactly sure why but i am pretty certain its because of teething, Hes had so many coming in lately, poor kid. Now were just getting ready to go to our coffee shop playgroup! We both need the interaction lol

2:00 P.M
The playgroup was a lot of fun, its always nice to meet with friends and have some momma time while the kids play. I know Jace loves it too. Today he did the cutest thing that i have never seen him so , he walked over to his little friend Erik and he bent down and hugged him, i swear my heart melted. My son is very affectionate and thats something to be proud of. :) A friend also gave me a couple things to try out today ( i will be doing a review on these products in a future post ) & she also included a little something i wasnt expecting! The cutest owl plug in night light! It was very thoughtful and made my day, Thanks Amanda! Jace is laying down for a nap now so i better get some cleaning done while i have the chance.

Jace is 17 months old today!
Favorite Show : Jake and the Neverland Pirates
Size Pants : 12 Months (almost) 
Size Shirts : 12/18 Months
Pjs : 18 months
Shoes : size 4
New Words : Owww, Yeah,
Number of teeth: 11 i think
Height : Not sure until next dr visit
Weight: Not sure until next Dr visit
New Accomplishments : Giving hugs, Kissing everything , Climbing, Understanding some instructions.
Goals : To say 2 more words this months and to learn to use spoon and fork. 

5:35 P.M
Not feeling to great tonight, go the bathroom cleaned, the living room picked up, the kitchen mostly cleaned,  and finished the grocery shopping. Were just having pizza and motz sticks for dinner tonight, no real clean up required. Lil Geromy is here this evening for a little while, Jace loves his big brother! 

7:00 P.M
The cops finally came back about last nights incident with the neighbor kid. We filed a formal complaint against him. I think it needed to be done. Jace was playing with the officers it was pretty cute. Ive got a headache again so im just hanging out drinking some hot green tea with honey and watching What to expect when your expecting, love this movie! 

8:50 P.M
Took some time out to play with Jace for awhile, I need to do that more! He gets so excited when people come into his room , like hes so proud of it, its adorable!! Anyways, I put the track together and played with the cars while he swung the bag for them all around and giggled so much whenever the plastic piece hit something lol it was pretty funny, I love this kid so much!! 

Im going to get him ready for bed now since he really didnt nap today, he also hasnt ate much, i dont think he is feeling to good. Once again, i think its teething. Poor Kiddo. Goodnight everyone!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Daily Blog - Shopping & My Favorite Pants

9:53 A.M
Just woke up about 20 mins ago, my allergies are insane today! I dont know what is causing it but i wish it would stop, im pretty sure its too early for this? Were headed to wal mart and costco for grocery shopping. After that i plan to tackle Jaces closet! 

10:16 A.M
Still sitting at home, waiting for Jace to do his morning poo, lmao. Id really like to get going, i keep thinking , what if this is the morning he decides not to go on schedule or what if we just go and he has this massive stink fest in costco?? lol oh the joys of motherhood!

1:10 P.M
Home from the stores, Groceries put away. We decided to just to go ahead and go instead of waiting for jace to do his business lol Good thing we did because he never did. I will be doing a separate post on somet of the things that i got today since i have wrote in the past about some changes. Im excited for this new journey im about to begin. 

4:00 P.M
Just got finished with my other blog post for the day , in case you missed it ill post the link here for you at the end of the post. It is such a beautiful day today i wish we would have taken Jace to the park or something. Maybe tomorrow when his brother is here we will walk down to the park. Its supposed to be in the high 60's the perfect weather. I don't like it too cold and i don't like it too warm, ideally it would be between 45-65 degrees every single day haha

6:40 P.M
Geromy isnt home this evening so im not making anything particular for dinner tonight, Jace and I are just sitting here finishing up the rest of the Doogie Howser series. Its a pretty uneventful night in our house. I still have to clean up the kitchen, give Jace a bath, and pick up the living room.
On another note, my favorite pair of lounge pants will be laid to rest this evening lol. I bought a pair of the maternity pants at target that sit low , so ever since i was 12 weeks pregnant i have worn these, they are the best and i hope that when its time to buy maternity pants again they still sell these, they are super comfortable and i hated most maternity clothes. 

9:00 P.M
Well our evening just became eventful, we had to call the cops on the kid across the street, AGAIN. I am so sick of this kid, he likes to harass us, he has been sexual towards all the kids in the neighborhood and tonight he was harassing and hitting our door really hard. His mother doesnt do anything about it, its such a messed up situation. I hope that the cops do something about it, oh by the way , hes only 10 :/

Goodnight everyone, im so sleepy!!

Todays Post

Natural/Organic Lifestyle?

The Background Story
Ive never really been the type to try and do things "the natural way".  I've always believed that if there was a medical problem, you better get to the Dr so they can prescribe the pills to make you all better. I've never really been one to pay any attention the ingredients in products and foods. I never paid much attention to the organic things, i just thought they were probably a marketing scheme to get people to pay more money for something. 
I have PCOS, which in itself causes many other health issues like, hormonal imbalances, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, infertility, skin problems, mood imbalances, weight gain, diabetes/insulin problems, and more severely it can lead to heart disease and severe diabetes and any other complications that you can get from being severely overweight. I have all but heart disease and diabetes although i am now insulin resistant and have pre diabetes.
Having PCOS and the weight issues i believe is what caused me to have all the complications in my pregnancy. Gestational diabetes, Preeclampsia, HELLP, which all ended with a premature delivery at 35 weeks, not too early but still too early. Jace did have some complications afterwards.
Since having Preeclampsia/HELLP i have issues with swelling/pitting edema, Blood pressure is elevated, just recently the loss of my cycles as well. On top of that or because of that i FEEL incredibly unhealthy, sluggish, and miserable and sometimes my anxiety is the worst that its ever been.
I have Severe generalized anxiety disorder.
I am currently taking Zoloft for anxiety and do have a prescription for Metformin and Birth Control pills for the pcos , but at this time i am not taking either of those.

As i said in a previous post, i took Fertilaid when i got pregnant with Jace, again, its a multivitamin along with other herbal supplements that are supposed to balance and regulate hormones. Heres a list of whats in them...
This was pretty much my first all natural experience and IT WORKED. Lately i have been thinking about everything and have seen so many people swear by organic and all natural products for different things. Ive read things about cinnamon and green tea, coconut water, coconut oil, lemons and cucumbers all doing amazing things so i have decided that im going to give it all a go. 

Coconut Oil
There seems to be so many benefits from coconut oil that i personally could benefit from such as, skin care, hair care, baby bottom care, eye make up remover, can help increase metabolism, helps with daily energy, the list goes on and on, so i got some today and will put this stuff to the test. 

Coconut Water
A few months back i decided to try coconut water to see what the hype was about and i thought that it tasted nasty on its own. I never drank it since then. But like the coconut oil it is said to have some great purposes that would be beneficial to me personally like, High in potassium, helps cardiovascular health, increases metabolic rate, boosts energy, its a great diuretic, helps control and avoid bloating, aids in weight loss, helps control diabetes, helps with skin hydration, and again, the list goes on and on. Since i cant stand the way that it tastes on its own, i will be using it in smoothies. 

Lemons/Lemon Water
Another miracle liquid? Ive used lemon water once a day before and i do have to say i know this one helps, especially with water retention. There are many benefits to this one too like High in potassium, cleans out you system, freshens breath, helps you lose weight, etc. 

Green Tea
Green tea is said to have very powerful health benefits. Aids in weight loss, helps prevent cancer, helps with cardiovascular health. Its also said to help with diabetes, arthritis , cholesterol, and apparently its great for the skin too! 

Yogi Detox Tea
Im not even gonna lie, this stuff doesnt taste good, well i guess it does if you like pepper but! after i drink it i do feel better and i know it helps with water retention. Its main purpose is to promote healthy kidney and liver function. Heres a list of ingredients - Indian sarsaparilla root, cinnamon bark, ginger root, licorice root, burdock root, dandelion root, cardamom seed, clove bud, black pepper, long pepper berry, chinese amur cork tree bark, japanese honeysuckle flower, forsythia fruit, gardenia fruit, chinese goldenthread root, rhubarb root, winter melon seed, juniper berry extract. There is a berry detox and a peach detox tea i didnt know about that i am sure taste much better than this one, so i will have to try them too! 

So there we have it, my first go at all this natural stuff. In addition to these things i will also be cutting out any cakes, ice creams, cookies etc. I also will be limiting caffeine intake and upper the water intake. Ill be sure to keep on posting about all of this! 

Look for these future posts

Healthy snacks I enjoy
A review on The Honest Company products
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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Daily Blog - Operation Organization!

9:40 A.M
Today i tackle the closets. Wish me luck lol In the front closet there is Christmas stuff, old baby clothes, stuff for my Colorado springs moms group, randomness and more randomness. The closet in Jace's room has t.v's, game systems paint baby stuff, and his brothers old stuff from when he used to live here half of the time, so this should be quite the adventure!
 Its supposed to be pretty nice out today too so i am thinking we may try to get out and take Jace to the park or something, im not sure yet, weatherman reports something but Colorado usually has something else in mind. I was supposed to go to a playgroup but i don't think i am going to go, i have a bit of a sore throat and it seems like a lot of people are sick right now and, well, i just don't want to catch anything lol

11:00 A.M
Is it nap time yet? Jace is throwing a major fit over a applesauce pouch YES, a applesauce pouch. He wont learn how to use them himself, he wont let us feed it to him anymore, he just wants us to hand it to him so he can make a massive mess. Geromy is currently wrestling him on the floor trying to get him to eat his applesauce, priceless LOL
Toddlers are so PRECIOUS.

1:20 P.M
We decided to take Jace to Giggling Grounds for a little bit to play with his friend. He had fun :) Were home now and he is playing with , i mean eating his lunch. LOL i wonder if he will ever use a spoon or fork? I need to find more ideas on toddler finger foods instead of giving him stuff that is so messy. I sometimes worry hes not eating enough because of how much he plays with it and picks at it. This kid will most likely continue to worry me in some way until the day i die.
Jace & His Friend Erik

Closet Madness
LOL Dont Judge!

3:30 P.M
Got the living room closet cleaned out and organized for now, i need to get packing tape to tape up the chirstmas tree and the holiday boxes so we can put them out in the shed without bugs getting into them, once we do that the closet will be officially cleaned out.

5:15 P.M
Getting dinner started, we are having shake n bake chicken , velveeta scalloped potatoes and a veggie. I still need to make grocery lists, i never did manage to clean out Jace's closet today and i doubt i will get to it today. I am almost finished with the whole series of Doogie Howser MD, Im pretty sure ill be done tonight with it and then we need to find another show to watch. In the last 8 months or so we have watched The wonder years, Everybody loves raymond, The x files, Till Death and now Doogie Howser. I watch Ghost whisper at night , Geromy's not too interested in that show. 

7:10 P.M
Cranky baby for sale!!! Two more hours until bed time. Can he last that long? Can I last that long? Oye, Grandpa woke him up early from his nap to give him new toys lol! He got a new giant ball with mickey on it and a giraffe toy that spins and makes these balls pop up. I guess it was worth the short nap? LOL Ill let you know tomorrow.

8:30 P.M
I got my grocery lists done. Jace is all ready for bed. I think we will be going to bed early too. Im tired. I just drank more of that detox tea, word of advice. dont sweeten it! Today is the first time i didnt sweeten it and it was much easier to get down than when i sweeten it. 
Goodnight everyone! Thanks for reading xoxo

Monday, March 3, 2014

Daily Blog- Laundry

10:40 A.M
Geromy got up with Jace today so i stayed in bed as long as i could lol He had to run to the store and to the post office. When he gets back its off to do laundry i go. I really wish we had a washer and dryer in this place, i would make my life so so much easier, but oh well, i do what i gotta do.

3:53 P.M
Just got home from doing some laundry. Got about half put away. Am i the only one who thinks that it takes twice as long to fold toddler/baby clothes than it does for bigger kids and adults? Maybe its because more fits into a load. IDK
Its such a beautiful day out today, you never would have thought yesterday looked like a frost fest lol This day has flown by i cant believe its already almost 4 . I still have to figure out what i am going to make for dinner, im thinking spaghetti. OH and we finally got our light switch fixed in the bathroom, turns out it wasnt a short in the wiring but the switch its self was old and broken, literally took him 3 mins to fix, Yay for light in the bathroom. Its the small things people, its the small things lol

Random Thoughts 
When i got pregnant with Jace , i was using a all natural supplement called fertilaid. It was a blend of multivitamins and herbal supplements to promote ovulation and cycle regularities in women who are having trouble getting pregnant. Fertilaid is designed to balance out all your hormones naturally. PCOS is a condition where one of the symptoms is hormone imbalance. So, I think that i am going to take fertilaid everyday in attempt to control my pcos and hormonal imbalances. Its worth the 29 dollars a month to me. I eventually would like to be off all prescribed medications.

6:05 P.M
I was just putting away Jaces clean clothes, going through his drawers, adding the new stuff we got from a friend and omg this kid has sooooo many clothes. Im keeping about 85% of everything since we are planning for another baby. But seriously, there is A LOT i think i need to start a sorting system of some kind for all of it. Comment with any brilliant ideas you may have :)
I decided on spaghetti and garlic bread for dinner. its quick and easy

10:00 P.M
Trying to get Jace to bed, its been a crummy night for him. I did get his room all organized and cleaned. I still need to do the closet in his room and the disasterous closet in the living room. I dread this. I think closets should have clear doors so that you cant let it get so cluttered lol I think im going to head to bed and watch some of my shows. Night everyone

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Daily Blog - WInter Wonderland

10:45 A.M
Good morning everyone, we just woke up, well not really just woke up but around 10:15. I woke up and took one look at my house and wanted to crawl back into bed lol. When i looked outside , however i was amazed. The trees and branches are all frosted white, it truly does look beautiful so i took a few pics to share. BTW its freakin cold outside, yuck.

12:15 P.M
Edeama sucks. Some swelling started back in june in my right foot in one spot on the top. It was after i rolled my ankle a couple times in zumba class. The funny thing is, it didnt hurt and would always go down at night. I saw my dr about it and she said she was pretty sure it was some sort of tendonitis. Weird because it didnt hurt. My legs and knees hurt though and when i would wake up in the mornings it would hurt to walk on my feet. That particular swelling lasted months, it did go away about a month ago. About a month and a half ago my shins started swelling, i noticed pitting edema on both of them, morning and night. Its not something you can see only when its pressed on firmly can you see it. As of right now, i have both, again. When i was pregnant i did have a potassium defficiancy and i think that may be the problem but im not too sure. I wish i could just stop having something wrong with me all the time. I am beginning to think that what i may need is an all natural approach to my health at this time because i think the medications that i am given are doing more harm than good. I think that i also need a more healthy approach to the way that i am eating. As ive gotten older my body just cant handle things the way that it used to unfortunately.

2:20 P.M
Just got home from picking up some free clothes for Jace from a friend thats moving to cali. Thank you!! 
All the trees in the city are white, its soo amazingly beautiful to look at them, its just one more thing that i love about colorado. I managed to clean the living room despite jaces very much shown disapproval, he was literally taking out everything that i was putting it away, talk about frustrating! But i did it. I still have the kitchen and his room to do, i would say the bathroom but we STILL have no light in there and im getting very annoyed. My landlord is always the best at being right on top of any problems we have ever had so its my assumption that its his electrician that is slacking!
One of my very most favorite places - Manitou Springs
( I didnt take this picture , it was on facebook)

Random Thoughts
Would i be crazy to buy baby items for a baby im not yet technically trying for right now? I wonder what hubby would think......
Its a possibility that i may become a baby item hoarder...

3:30 P.M
Bottoms Up!!
Yogi Detox tea, supports heathly liver and kidney funtions, ive had it before and it does help with swelling and water retention but omg it truly does taste awful, im not even going to lie. It tastes like minty pepper with flowers lol I hope i can get it all down. 3:41 PM , well i got it down lol it took quite sometime but i did it. Jace is laying down for his nap now and i think im going to lay down and watch some tv as well, i have a bit of a headache. Geromy went to hang out with some friends, im just going to enjoy some me time and try to get rid of the pepper taste in my mouth :/

6:20 P.M
Making dinner, well kind of. Im making leftovers of last nights dinner and adding in some chicken and putting it over biscuits this time. I just got done dealing with a major headache, i wonder if its from that tea that i drank. It went away on its own so i guess im not too concerned.

8:00 P.M
Headache is back. I feel crappy, going to take some tylenol and lay down for the rest of the night. Im hoping i feel better tomorrow. Have a great night everyone