Monday, March 3, 2014

Daily Blog- Laundry

10:40 A.M
Geromy got up with Jace today so i stayed in bed as long as i could lol He had to run to the store and to the post office. When he gets back its off to do laundry i go. I really wish we had a washer and dryer in this place, i would make my life so so much easier, but oh well, i do what i gotta do.

3:53 P.M
Just got home from doing some laundry. Got about half put away. Am i the only one who thinks that it takes twice as long to fold toddler/baby clothes than it does for bigger kids and adults? Maybe its because more fits into a load. IDK
Its such a beautiful day out today, you never would have thought yesterday looked like a frost fest lol This day has flown by i cant believe its already almost 4 . I still have to figure out what i am going to make for dinner, im thinking spaghetti. OH and we finally got our light switch fixed in the bathroom, turns out it wasnt a short in the wiring but the switch its self was old and broken, literally took him 3 mins to fix, Yay for light in the bathroom. Its the small things people, its the small things lol

Random Thoughts 
When i got pregnant with Jace , i was using a all natural supplement called fertilaid. It was a blend of multivitamins and herbal supplements to promote ovulation and cycle regularities in women who are having trouble getting pregnant. Fertilaid is designed to balance out all your hormones naturally. PCOS is a condition where one of the symptoms is hormone imbalance. So, I think that i am going to take fertilaid everyday in attempt to control my pcos and hormonal imbalances. Its worth the 29 dollars a month to me. I eventually would like to be off all prescribed medications.

6:05 P.M
I was just putting away Jaces clean clothes, going through his drawers, adding the new stuff we got from a friend and omg this kid has sooooo many clothes. Im keeping about 85% of everything since we are planning for another baby. But seriously, there is A LOT i think i need to start a sorting system of some kind for all of it. Comment with any brilliant ideas you may have :)
I decided on spaghetti and garlic bread for dinner. its quick and easy

10:00 P.M
Trying to get Jace to bed, its been a crummy night for him. I did get his room all organized and cleaned. I still need to do the closet in his room and the disasterous closet in the living room. I dread this. I think closets should have clear doors so that you cant let it get so cluttered lol I think im going to head to bed and watch some of my shows. Night everyone

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