Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Daily Blog - Shopping & My Favorite Pants

9:53 A.M
Just woke up about 20 mins ago, my allergies are insane today! I dont know what is causing it but i wish it would stop, im pretty sure its too early for this? Were headed to wal mart and costco for grocery shopping. After that i plan to tackle Jaces closet! 

10:16 A.M
Still sitting at home, waiting for Jace to do his morning poo, lmao. Id really like to get going, i keep thinking , what if this is the morning he decides not to go on schedule or what if we just go and he has this massive stink fest in costco?? lol oh the joys of motherhood!

1:10 P.M
Home from the stores, Groceries put away. We decided to just to go ahead and go instead of waiting for jace to do his business lol Good thing we did because he never did. I will be doing a separate post on somet of the things that i got today since i have wrote in the past about some changes. Im excited for this new journey im about to begin. 

4:00 P.M
Just got finished with my other blog post for the day , in case you missed it ill post the link here for you at the end of the post. It is such a beautiful day today i wish we would have taken Jace to the park or something. Maybe tomorrow when his brother is here we will walk down to the park. Its supposed to be in the high 60's the perfect weather. I don't like it too cold and i don't like it too warm, ideally it would be between 45-65 degrees every single day haha

6:40 P.M
Geromy isnt home this evening so im not making anything particular for dinner tonight, Jace and I are just sitting here finishing up the rest of the Doogie Howser series. Its a pretty uneventful night in our house. I still have to clean up the kitchen, give Jace a bath, and pick up the living room.
On another note, my favorite pair of lounge pants will be laid to rest this evening lol. I bought a pair of the maternity pants at target that sit low , so ever since i was 12 weeks pregnant i have worn these, they are the best and i hope that when its time to buy maternity pants again they still sell these, they are super comfortable and i hated most maternity clothes. 

9:00 P.M
Well our evening just became eventful, we had to call the cops on the kid across the street, AGAIN. I am so sick of this kid, he likes to harass us, he has been sexual towards all the kids in the neighborhood and tonight he was harassing and hitting our door really hard. His mother doesnt do anything about it, its such a messed up situation. I hope that the cops do something about it, oh by the way , hes only 10 :/

Goodnight everyone, im so sleepy!!

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  1. Here's a positive about your kid pooping in public. You get to leave it in their trash can instead of yours.