Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Natural/Organic Lifestyle?

The Background Story
Ive never really been the type to try and do things "the natural way".  I've always believed that if there was a medical problem, you better get to the Dr so they can prescribe the pills to make you all better. I've never really been one to pay any attention the ingredients in products and foods. I never paid much attention to the organic things, i just thought they were probably a marketing scheme to get people to pay more money for something. 
I have PCOS, which in itself causes many other health issues like, hormonal imbalances, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, infertility, skin problems, mood imbalances, weight gain, diabetes/insulin problems, and more severely it can lead to heart disease and severe diabetes and any other complications that you can get from being severely overweight. I have all but heart disease and diabetes although i am now insulin resistant and have pre diabetes.
Having PCOS and the weight issues i believe is what caused me to have all the complications in my pregnancy. Gestational diabetes, Preeclampsia, HELLP, which all ended with a premature delivery at 35 weeks, not too early but still too early. Jace did have some complications afterwards.
Since having Preeclampsia/HELLP i have issues with swelling/pitting edema, Blood pressure is elevated, just recently the loss of my cycles as well. On top of that or because of that i FEEL incredibly unhealthy, sluggish, and miserable and sometimes my anxiety is the worst that its ever been.
I have Severe generalized anxiety disorder.
I am currently taking Zoloft for anxiety and do have a prescription for Metformin and Birth Control pills for the pcos , but at this time i am not taking either of those.

As i said in a previous post, i took Fertilaid when i got pregnant with Jace, again, its a multivitamin along with other herbal supplements that are supposed to balance and regulate hormones. Heres a list of whats in them...
This was pretty much my first all natural experience and IT WORKED. Lately i have been thinking about everything and have seen so many people swear by organic and all natural products for different things. Ive read things about cinnamon and green tea, coconut water, coconut oil, lemons and cucumbers all doing amazing things so i have decided that im going to give it all a go. 

Coconut Oil
There seems to be so many benefits from coconut oil that i personally could benefit from such as, skin care, hair care, baby bottom care, eye make up remover, can help increase metabolism, helps with daily energy, the list goes on and on, so i got some today and will put this stuff to the test. 

Coconut Water
A few months back i decided to try coconut water to see what the hype was about and i thought that it tasted nasty on its own. I never drank it since then. But like the coconut oil it is said to have some great purposes that would be beneficial to me personally like, High in potassium, helps cardiovascular health, increases metabolic rate, boosts energy, its a great diuretic, helps control and avoid bloating, aids in weight loss, helps control diabetes, helps with skin hydration, and again, the list goes on and on. Since i cant stand the way that it tastes on its own, i will be using it in smoothies. 

Lemons/Lemon Water
Another miracle liquid? Ive used lemon water once a day before and i do have to say i know this one helps, especially with water retention. There are many benefits to this one too like High in potassium, cleans out you system, freshens breath, helps you lose weight, etc. 

Green Tea
Green tea is said to have very powerful health benefits. Aids in weight loss, helps prevent cancer, helps with cardiovascular health. Its also said to help with diabetes, arthritis , cholesterol, and apparently its great for the skin too! 

Yogi Detox Tea
Im not even gonna lie, this stuff doesnt taste good, well i guess it does if you like pepper but! after i drink it i do feel better and i know it helps with water retention. Its main purpose is to promote healthy kidney and liver function. Heres a list of ingredients - Indian sarsaparilla root, cinnamon bark, ginger root, licorice root, burdock root, dandelion root, cardamom seed, clove bud, black pepper, long pepper berry, chinese amur cork tree bark, japanese honeysuckle flower, forsythia fruit, gardenia fruit, chinese goldenthread root, rhubarb root, winter melon seed, juniper berry extract. There is a berry detox and a peach detox tea i didnt know about that i am sure taste much better than this one, so i will have to try them too! 

So there we have it, my first go at all this natural stuff. In addition to these things i will also be cutting out any cakes, ice creams, cookies etc. I also will be limiting caffeine intake and upper the water intake. Ill be sure to keep on posting about all of this! 

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  1. Next u NEED to try the home made baby wipes! Lol do it seriously! ! ;)

    1. Oh yeah!! I forgot about those ! Ill look at the message ad get right on it! :)

  2. I love using Coconut oil. I recently watched a few Youtube DIY videos and fell in love with Extra Virgin unrefined coconut oil. I use in my cooking, as a leave-in-conditioner, lip moisturizer, lotion, and I even made a few body scrubs with it. It's a great product. I also like FertilAid, but as you know it didn't help us conceive. I just know it helped me ovulate. I <3 your blogs! Keep up the good work!