Friday, March 7, 2014

Daily Blog - Nostalgia & Baby Fever!

7:15 A.M
We got up early to take Geromy to Memorial Hospital for his MRI on his back. Hes been in pain for a long time and has had multiple different diagnosis. Hopefully we will get some answers this time and get this under control. 

11:05 A.M
Just got home and got situated. I am so sleepy, i didnt sleep well last night and then had to get up early, Not fun. Jace had fun running up and down the halls waiting for daddy to get done. We took a walk over to the womens center/birthing center and sat down in the chairs out front and had some breakfast. I have to tell ya, the feelings i get when im in that part of the hospital are almost indescribable. Its like nostalgia and longing at the same time. I remember how safe i felt when i was there , i want to go back. I want to have another child. I miss it all. Not far from the birthing center is the childrens hospital too which also brings on its own set of  emotions. The memories run thick in that hospital. So we just sat there and i took it all in, as weird as that sounds lol. Baby Fever is in full effect guys, it really is! 


Breakfast for Jace, Grapes and Bananas, Im jealous.

So Sleepy!

12:30 P.M
I think Jace and i are going to take a nap. Im so so tired today. I still need to figure out what i feel like making for dinner tonight. The weather is gloomy and rainy so i was thinking maybe soup or something along those lines. I dont know, ill worry about it later lol

3:00 P.M
So its snowing like crazy outside and I just now noticed that someone stole our snow shovel off our porch! Are you kidding me?! Omg im so mad and im pretty sure it was the kid across the street that did it. SMH, what does it matter to the people who stole it? Its their gain and our loss and money. People make me mad. I still havent napped but i did have some coffee. Now im just tired and pissed off.

4:00 P.M
Still cant decide what to make for dinner. Sometimes i wish someone would say what they want instead of , whatever, i dont know, or i dont care. It would sure make my job easier sometimes. 
I just went to the doTERRA essential oils website because i just recently heard about them. I was interested in possibly getting some and O.M.G i would not pay those prices if i was rich. Some of it is just outrageously priced. I know essential oils are a bit pricey but they are over the top. Ill go elsewhere lol

6:30 P.M
We just had some dinner chicken, fish, and steamed mixed veggies. Just watching some movies on netflix and probably heading to bed early tonight. Sorry im cutting it short tonight but im just exhausted.
Hope you all have a great night! 

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