Saturday, March 8, 2014

Daily Blog - March For Babies

8:00 A.M
Woke up feeling shaky, cold , and nauseous. Im not sure if im just hungry or whats going on. Geromy has been feeling sickly since yesterday. I hope its nothing!! Jace is still sleeping. I have to pick up Lil Geromy at 9 and he will be here until tomorrow night. I hope the roads arent bad. Its crazy to think that yesterday and today is all snowy and tomorrow will be almost 70 degrees lol

10:40 A.M
Went and picked up Lil Geromy, stopped by Kmart to grab a few things and came home. The snow is all melting and i think this day may actually be decent lol My house however, is a mess and i have a lot of cleaning to do today.

March Of Dimes
March For Babies
This year we are going to be walking in the March For Babies walk on april 26. As most of you know Jace was born at 35 weeks weighing in at 6 lbs 5.8 oz , he dropped almost a lb after he was born before he started gaining. He was admitted to the hospital 2 times after he was born, the first time he was 5 days old. He was having bradycardia episodes (his heart rate would drop really low) and his oxygen levels would drop. He was on oxygen for a month or so after he was discharged from the hospital for the 2nd time. I have set up a page  for those who would like to donate to the march of dimes on our behalf to help babies who were born to soon!! Please check it out, its really a great cause!!

Click HERE to see our page , or to make donations!! Thanks for your support.
You Can See Jaces Story HERE

11:45 P.M
I give up. My house will never be clean again. I clean something up and Jace is making more messes at the same time or he completely undoes what i did. Like putting his toys in the basket , i put them in there and within a couple mins he is literally just dumping it all back on the floor. Dvds, i put them up, he pulls them back down. Im seriously at my witts end today, and its not even lunch time! AHHHHHH

1:45 P.M
Jace is finally napping and im taking every minute of quiet and rest that i can get! LOL He has a tooth coming in and it looks painful. Poor Lil Guy

Look What Came Today!! 

I am so excited for this!! :) 

3:15 P.M
Went to safeway. Jace got super giggly and hyper in the water isle, LOL he giggled the rest of the way through the store and all the way home, cutest thing ever. Making some awesome beef strog. for dinner. Ill ptobably post my recipe for that tonight as well. 

6:00 P.M
Cooking dinner and watching some leap frog cartoons with Jace. Its been a pretty nice day overall. Poor hubby cant sleep and hasnt been able to for a couple of days now, im thinking insomnia. I feel bad for him and hope that tonight he sleeps. Ive been having some trouble sleeping as well, maybe its something in the air.

7:45 P.M
Dinner was awesome. Im still hoping to get that recipe posted tonight. I think its going to be an early night again for all of though. Jace didnt nap much, im tired, Geromy is already in bed. Im excited for tomorrows nice weather so we can maybe take the kids to the park and enjoy some warmer weather before it snows again. Have a goodnight everyone!!

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