Thursday, March 6, 2014

Daily Blog - Coffee shop Playgroup!

9:30 A.M
Last night was rough, Jace was up a few times crying, im not exactly sure why but i am pretty certain its because of teething, Hes had so many coming in lately, poor kid. Now were just getting ready to go to our coffee shop playgroup! We both need the interaction lol

2:00 P.M
The playgroup was a lot of fun, its always nice to meet with friends and have some momma time while the kids play. I know Jace loves it too. Today he did the cutest thing that i have never seen him so , he walked over to his little friend Erik and he bent down and hugged him, i swear my heart melted. My son is very affectionate and thats something to be proud of. :) A friend also gave me a couple things to try out today ( i will be doing a review on these products in a future post ) & she also included a little something i wasnt expecting! The cutest owl plug in night light! It was very thoughtful and made my day, Thanks Amanda! Jace is laying down for a nap now so i better get some cleaning done while i have the chance.

Jace is 17 months old today!
Favorite Show : Jake and the Neverland Pirates
Size Pants : 12 Months (almost) 
Size Shirts : 12/18 Months
Pjs : 18 months
Shoes : size 4
New Words : Owww, Yeah,
Number of teeth: 11 i think
Height : Not sure until next dr visit
Weight: Not sure until next Dr visit
New Accomplishments : Giving hugs, Kissing everything , Climbing, Understanding some instructions.
Goals : To say 2 more words this months and to learn to use spoon and fork. 

5:35 P.M
Not feeling to great tonight, go the bathroom cleaned, the living room picked up, the kitchen mostly cleaned,  and finished the grocery shopping. Were just having pizza and motz sticks for dinner tonight, no real clean up required. Lil Geromy is here this evening for a little while, Jace loves his big brother! 

7:00 P.M
The cops finally came back about last nights incident with the neighbor kid. We filed a formal complaint against him. I think it needed to be done. Jace was playing with the officers it was pretty cute. Ive got a headache again so im just hanging out drinking some hot green tea with honey and watching What to expect when your expecting, love this movie! 

8:50 P.M
Took some time out to play with Jace for awhile, I need to do that more! He gets so excited when people come into his room , like hes so proud of it, its adorable!! Anyways, I put the track together and played with the cars while he swung the bag for them all around and giggled so much whenever the plastic piece hit something lol it was pretty funny, I love this kid so much!! 

Im going to get him ready for bed now since he really didnt nap today, he also hasnt ate much, i dont think he is feeling to good. Once again, i think its teething. Poor Kiddo. Goodnight everyone!

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