Friday, February 25, 2011

v day

Hey everyone!! Hope you all had a wonderful valentines day. I did. Hubby and i went to carrabas italian grill for dinner, which was amazing! They have the best italian food of any resteraunt ive ever been to! This year for valentines day i decided to make my hubbys card. ..

{cute right?!}

I thought so hehe. Geromy got me a really cute card....

Lol at first i just thought this card meant that it was fun trying to combine the different peices of our lives, so when the hubby said, why dont you think this is funny, i wonderd. So i looked at it again, and totally got it! lol lol too funny. I also got a very sweet surprise in the mail on valentines day from a fellow Cyster of mine, Jennifer :) It was very unexpected and very very cool

I hung the baby dust over my bed! :) Even though we took the month of feb. off ttc. March we will start again and im sure this baby dust will help us out so much!! Thanks again, Jennifer, your a great friend!

Here are a few more pics from valentines day...

{getting ready to leave for dinner}