Saturday, March 15, 2014

Some Of My Faves!

So i decided i wasnt going to do a daily blog today because im working really hard to get my design pages up and running , plus Jace is sick and today is just chaotic. Instead i decided that while he was napping i would do a My Faves blog. These are some of the things i use all the time that i thought id share with other ladies out there! These are my own personal opinions, i am not being paid! 

John Frieda Frizz Ease Extra Strength Hair Serum
I naturally have very curly and sometimes (ok most of the time without proper treatment) frizzy hair. This stuff is amazing and helping to keep my frizz away and helps define my natural curls. I cant recommend this product enough. I use it whenever i get out of the shower and sometimes if my hair is dry and just needs a little bit. Its not greasy (unless you put too much). Usually i just use 3 maybe 4 pumps and work it through my hair, i have  A LOT of hair. Its almost down to my butt and its thick! I think i paid 8 or 9 dollars at wal mart for it and it lasts a long long time! 

Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm
I love this stuff, i started using it about a year ago and have used it daily since. I use the clear one , I never really use any color on my lips. It stays on a long time, its a bit shiny and it keeps my lips soft . I paid around $3 for it at wal-mart.

Lysol Scrubber Sponges
Im a scrubby sponge user, i dont like using dish rags and we dont have a dish washer. Im pretty picky about my sponges. LOL I came across these a few months ago, i believe they were new at the time. After i first used them i was EXCITED! lol (you know your a housewife when new sponges excite you) They are wonderful. The scrubby part doesnt go dull and the spongy part is super soft and doesnt get moldy smelling for a week or more (if rinsed out and not left in water). Usually sponges need to be changed out every couple days or so but these are great for up to about a week and a half AND they are much cheaper than most. I think i pay $3 for a 4 pack at wal mart and that lasts me about a month. 

Aquafina Flavored Water
Jace has never liked water , i cant get him to drink it. Last week i decided to try naturally flavored waters and see if he would drink it and he loves it and , so do i! Normally i get really bored with with plain water and will end up drinking a few cups of juice or tea a day which most of the time is loaded with sugar. These particular ones have 5 calories per bottle, no sugar or sweeteners (that im aware of) and they are super yummy. When i get bored with plain water i just drink one of these instead of juice or tea, bam! Saving tons and tons of calories and carbs. AND I can now get Jace to drink water, Its a win win really!

Hope you all found this to be informational and yet entertaining at the same time! 
Have a great day! 

Friday, March 14, 2014

Daily Blog - Trip to the Dr.

8:45 A.M
Well, we slept through the night but Jace woke up this morning and has transformed into a congested snot factory. I should have known this was coming. He had the typical pre sick fever for a couple days, and the massive crying fits, poor kid. We have a drs appointment this morning , im hoping its nothing more than a simple cold, better safe than sorry. 

9:10 A.M
Poor little guy, he passed out on the living floor not too long after waking up..So precious 

 1:20 P.M
We Just got home from the drs. Turns out that Jace has an ear infection. Poor guy, so he has that and he is teething bad. The dr we saw today made me kind of mad. Jace has always been small. He has never really been a "textbook baby" even when i was pregnant with him my hormone levels never were doubling as the TEXTBOOK says they should. At 17 months he weighs 20 lbs and 5.5 oz and is 30 1/2 inches tall. At his 15 month check up he was 20 lbs and 29 inches, so he grew an inch and a half but hasnt gained much. So anyways, the guy was talking about him needing to say 25 words and point to things in the book when asked to and that if by his 18 month check up he is below the 3rd percentile he wants to send him to a growth specialist to see if hes lacking the growth hormone and that he needs speech therapy. From what i know, most kids barely say anything until they are like 2, and he is growing . Ugh. The textbook doesnt know it all people! Sheesh. I wish we would have seen his regular dr, he never acts that pushy about anything. So yeah, thats my rant for now. Jace is on antibiotics for 10 days. I hope he starts feeling better soon 

5:50 P.M
We went to costco today and i got these books for Jace, they are so super cute, im more excited than he is though lol. They are the cutest baby books i have found so far, we got 2 for around 9 dollars, they have 2 or 3 more sets that i plan to get him as well. 
I still have to clean up the house and make the dinner i was supposed to make last night, i feel so sleepy and have horrid heartburn so ive been procrastinating for a couple hours now lol Its not a complete waste though. I have managed to stay productive even while sitting on the couch by updating sites and designing more invitations! 

7:15 P.M
My first go at fried apples, they are AMAZZZIINNNGGG! Got the kitchen most of the way cleaned and have dinner going. Just hanging out with Jace and my Dad while Geromy s at the card store. Uneventful night really, but seriously, these apples are awesome and soo easy! 

8:30 P.M
Does your toddler like to throw their food all over the floor and play with it? Most of the time it seems like Jace would rather play with his food. Its getting frustrating because he needs to gain weight. I guess more pediasure is the answer? Picky kid lol 

Goodnight everyone!!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Daily Blog - Sleep Deprived

3:10 A.M
Lets see , we didnt go to bed until after midnight ish and now weve been up since 2:20 , Jace is crying, has a bit of a fever, wont let me put him in his crib or leave the room. SO here we are , Im so stinkin tired. I think i am calling the doc as soon as they open. Im beginning to think this is something more than just teething :(

10:40 A.M
I finally got Jace back to sleep around 4 this morning, after the tylenol kicked in. We woke up around 10 but im still super tired. I think he may have a cold, im not sure yet. I dont think he has a fever this morning but he sounds a bit stuffed up. Hes always been the type to get a fever for about 2 days BEFORE he gets sick. So now its just wait and see. Today i will be working on my Desgins page, I managed to forget the log in and such to my page for it so i have to create it all over again lol

12:55 P.M
Nap time!! This momma needs a break, so while Jace naps im going to drink some coffee and take a shower. This is day 4 or 5 of the whiney, fussy, crying fit throwing teething toddler. Im glad i dont remember my teething process, it seems pretty traumatic lol.

Trying Coconut Oil on face for the first time!
Love, Love, Love! I bought the coconut oil over a week ago but hadnt used it yet, just use it on my face after my shower and i love it. It smells wonderful too!

6:00 P.M
Is it normal for gums to bleed when to tooth starts breaking through? My poor baby was whining and then started grinding his teeth and then his gums around the new tooth were bleeding, this is miserable watching him deal with this. Were going to have a late dinner tonight since we had a late lunch. Im going to make chicken quesadillas with black beans.
Ive been super busy the last few days juggling this blog, setting up hubbys and setting up my designs page. My brain is numb haha.

10:20 P.M
Jace is in bed and sleeping peacefully I hope he feels better tomorrow, these last few days have been exhausting for me and him. Especially because he is unable to tell me what hurts :( I will be glad when he can talk to communicate something more than uh oh! hehe. Its about time for me to get ready to lay down and hopefully have a restful night. Goodnight everyone.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Daily Blog - A Long Night

6:30 A.M
Jace woke up really cranky and not feeling well. Im so tired. He was up a few times throughout the night as well. I couldnt sleep, every noise woke me up. I couldnt shut my brain off. Its been a long night. Im hoping to go back to bed for a bit...

9:30 A.M
We did end up going back to bed for a bit, im still pretty tired. Jace has a fever of 101.2 and is really not feeling well at all. Im not sure whats going on at this point. 

12:20 P.M
Im sitting here trying to think of ways for me to earn money as a stay at home momma. I have a couple things in mind that may help and one thing that im for sure going to try. I just need to put my plans into action and this may take some time. The typical scentsy, mary kay , avon etc wont work, there are SOO many people in my area that sell that stuff and i dont think i could do well with those companies for that fact. So we will see what happens, fingers crossed! I hope that im able to do what i want to do!! 

7:05 P.M
Today has been a crappy day to be blunt. Jace has been a miserable teething mess. Screaming, crying, slight fever, drooling, all that fun stuff. Ive been busy helping geromy with his resume and applying for jobs. We just finished with dinner, i decided to make biscuits and gravy with eggs. Jace ate a ton, and then he threw the rest everywhere as usual lol I am so sleepy today and i truly cant wait for bedtime to come!

9:20 P.M
The tylenol is wearing off, my poor baby is miserable and it sucks. I wish these darn teeth would come through already and stop torturing him. Time for bed. Goodnight everyone.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Daily Blog - Just another day

10:20 A.M
Woke up this morning, late again lol.This time change is going to take some getting used to for sure. I posted the honest company review that i promised you all! Make sure to check it out. Hubby just went to apply for a new job, fingers crossed that he gets it!!

3:00 P.M
I havent blogged much today, its been pretty chaotic, first , our gutter fell half way off our house from the wind, Hubby & my dad put it back up. Then Geromy was applying for a new job which he most likely got, we will know in the morning. I hope he gets it, its not exactly what he wants right now but you do what you gotta do right? Jace is on day 3 of complete madness. I dont know if its teething or the dreaded terrible twos but he has drove me NUTS the last 3 days. By the end of the day i have a massive headache and am ready to run away from home. Its the messes, the whining, the yelling screaming and crying, fit throwing with a lack of communication between the momma and the toddler. LOL he wants something, screams about it and i have no idea what it is but oh my, please just stop yelling child!! I hope whatever is going on stops soon because i need some quiet and relaxation time. On another note, its windy cold and snowy outside. It seriously was like 75 degrees out yesterday and now its a winter wonderland outside. Ill be so ready when this off season is over. Its so annoying.

8:40 P.M
I have seriously neglected blogging today. My apologies. Its been a crazy day. Ill be back tomorrow with yet another action packed blog from the christman household. ;)

The Honest Company. My HONEST Opinions - Updated

These are my own personal reviews of these products over a few days time. Its all my HONEST opinions.
I decided to give a review because i know moms always want to know about great products for their families!

Shampoo & Body Wash
First thoughts- I had never heard of this company before. I was in costco one day and i saw this product. The thing that caught my attention was the set up and the packaging, looked so pretty and cute. I read the labels and what it was about and decided to give it a try. I was also super excited about the scent being sweet orange vanilla! We had been using Aveeno for Jace since he was a couple weeks old but i was noticing that it wasnt getting his hair cleaned. Like the gunk was still there after 2 washes. 
First Try - I feel in love, the smell was amazing and the shampoo was so thick yet rinsed easily and cleaned his hair and body very well , i think it also helped with moisture because i saw immediate changes in his skin , particularly his legs! 
Ive been using this for a few weeks now and i love it. We will continue to use this for Jace and i have thought about using it for myself as well, if i decide to that ill let you all know how it works out for me.
I did decide to try this as a body wash, i tend to have breakouts from other bosy washes so i figured id give it a go on this! Ill update on this further later in the week.

First thoughts, these are so cute! They dont smell like the other diapers, theres no harsh chemicals, free of metals, lotions, and latex. Did i mention how cute they are? To me thats a big thing lol
First try- Fit great , better than the pampers we usually use. The honest company diapers dont sag in the butt. They are a little bit thicker then pampers as well.
Night #1 Diaper #1 - No leaks! So far, so good. Also, i noticed there was a lot less moisture on the outside of the diaper.
Diaper # 2- The poo diaper lol I was amazed at how much less of an odor there was. Im serious. I would say there was AT LEAST 50 % less odor than with the other diapers. Im thinking im really going to like these and make the complete switch
Ive now been using these diapers for over 24 hours and have no complaints at all!! I will be making the switch

The wipes are amazing, seriously. They are large so you realy only need to use one, they smell fresh even though they are unscented. They are thick and do the job! Love them.

Bathroom Cleaner
A friend gave me a brand new bottle of this to try! 
First thoughts- Im not sure about the scent...
First try- LOVED IT. Cleans well, no film left over and it leaves the bathroom smelling minty and fresh!

Hand Lotion & Face Lotion
I normally do not use lotions because i dont like the oily feeling on my hands. Today after my shower i applied this lotion to my face, hands, and arms. So far i love it , no oily sensations. I would however like this product more if it had some scent to it. But overall i like it.

Healing Balm
I woke up this morning and had some itching on my hand between my fingers, due to allergies, it was pretty bad. I rubbed some of this on there and it stopped the itching completely. It is a bit greasy but i think thats part of what it does , its meant to soothe , heal and protect. It kinda reminds me of vaseline.

Hand Soap
Smells Great, But not too strong, thick ( i dont like watery soaps). My hands we pretty soft after using it as well. UPDATE - I loved the mandarin scent , i didnt however, like the lavender scent. Thats just a personal thing though.

I have fallen in love with this company and their products!! Everything about it is appealing. I have decided to make the switch to The Honest Company on many of my house hold cleaning products and personal products.
I will do further reviews on more new products that we try! There is a referral program so if you are going to start using this company , i have a link for you to use so i can get credit!! Let me know, thanks!
I hope you all found this informational :) 

I started ordering the honest company "bundles" this month and was able to try a lot more of their products. I love them all. In this months bundle this is what i got

6 Packs of diapers
4 packs of wipes 
1 bottle of the white grapefruit dish soap
2 bottles of the hand sanitizing spray
1 bottle multi surface cleaner 
1 bottle floor cleaner 
2 bottles of hand soap (mandarin & lavender scents)
Dish scrubber with ceramic base for suds 
1 bottle conditioning mist

Dish Soap - This dish soap smells great! It doesnt foam as much as your regular dish soaps though. I have heard that the chemicals that cause the foaming are actually bad for you anyways. 

Hand Sanitizing Spray - I LOVE THIS STUFF!! It smells AMAZING! its not like the normal hand sanitizers that smell like alcohol. It also doesnt dry my hands out at all. I highly recommend these! They are so easy to use and not messy at all! 

Multi Surface Cleaner - Smells great, cleans well and doesnt leave a film. Nuff' Said !

Floor Cleaner, Same as above. Love it

Hand soaps - See Above! 

Dish scrubber with ceramic base for suds - This is one of my favs, its soo cute, very high quality, and does the job. The handle to the scrubber is wood. Love it

Conditioning Mist - I LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff! I use it on my hair daily and Jaces hair as needed. It doesnt make my hair greasy at all. It smells great too! 

*** When i received my box one of the spray nozzles was broken I informed the company via Facebook, they responded immediately and sent me a new one right away. Their customer service is absolutely wonderful. I cant say enough great things about this company. 

Referral Program
Are you interested in trying out this company? Want to order now? Use my referral code! With qualifying orders you will get $10 off your first order and i will get a credit on my account as well! Just click this link when you are ready to order!! 

Referral link  ----->

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Monday, March 10, 2014

Daily Blog - Busy, Busy, Busy!

9:15 A.M
Anyone want a fit throwing toddler? LOL When daddy and grandpa left he got mad and hasnt stopped since. I hope this isnt a preview of how the whole day is going to go, i think i had enough yesterday. I think today im going to do some spring cleaning and get rid of a bunch of crap that we dont need. Also will probably take Jace to the park again since its supposed to be like it was yesterday!

1:40 P.M
Jace was super fussy this morning. Knocked over my coffee and just insisted on whining and crying non stop. I know he is teething but gees, these last couple days he has made me crazy! So aroun 11 30 or so, he got quite, i went in his room to see what he was doing and i found him sleeping next to his toy bins lol. He slept there for almost 2 hours. While he slept i worked on my new blog design! What do you guys think? Me personally , i am super excited about it!! Making some lunch now and going to continue updating throughout the day.

3:00 P.M
Ive managed to get a lot done today, im so proud of myself lol. Ive cleaned the kitchen, the living room, redesigned my blog page and made all the graphics for it, updated hubbys blog page, kept the kid fed and entertained. I still have the bathroom to do and dinner to plan. Hubby should be home from work soon & if hes feeling up to it we will probably take a walk to the park and on the trail. Its so nice out again today, funny to think its supposed to snow soon! Gotta love Colorados bipolar weather 

5:20 P.M
Decided that were just gonna have some breakfast for dinner night. Eggs, Ham, Cheese , & Hash browns. Jace is so crabby and i have a headache now. Poor kid is doing so major teething with some what appear to be very jagged teeth coming in :( I feel so bad for my little guy. The honest company product review will be up in the morning! Also, I added the smoothie recipe, its under the recipes tab. I made one today like yesterday only i used canned mandarin oranges and it was still amazingly yummy! Check it out. Ill be posting more smoothie recipes as i come up with them!

5:45 P.M
20 minute break for mommy. Geromy took Jace to the store with him, what shall i do with myself? Oh the possibilities of what one could manage to do with 20 mins of no toddler! LOL

Why do toddlers think its funny to throw their food EVERYWHERE???

8:45 P.M
Goodnight everyone! Headed to bed soon, i know, im getting old lol 

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Daily Blog - A Beautiful Day

10:40 A.M
Late start to the day due to time change. Not much going on this morning. I hope to have a couple of posts up today including a review. 

12:30 P.M
I just made the best smoothie ever! Ill have to post the recipe for you all to try, Jace loved it too he sucked half of it down, through a straw! Up until today he didnt know how to drink from a straw lol The flavor was orange-vanilla peach , yum. So good! For right now were just sitting around watching Ghostbusters. I love this movie. Im hoping to get to the park today but im thinking it will have to wait until after nap time at this point.

3:50 P.M
Just got home from the park and walking on the trail. Its a beautiful day outside today, there were so many bikers and runners on the trail and lots of  people at the park. Jace got to pet a dog that he couldnt take his focus off of lol

5:05 P.M
Jace is a smoothie nut! He just sucked down yet another of my smoothies today. I had to make another one because i didnt cook my oranges in the microwave long enough and my throat started getting itchy. I have oral allergy syndrome so some fresh fruits and veggies cause itchy throat burning lips etc. Cucumbers and melons are the worst. If you put them in the microwave for up to a minute, it kills off the pollens that cause the reaction , otherwise it needs to be frozen or canned. It really sucks because i love fruit but totally have a hard time with it.
I still have to figure out what im making for dinner tonight. I wish we had a grill , i would BBQ , its so gorgeous outside!

6:25 P.M
We got the house cleaned up. Jace had thrown crackers all over the living room floor and it looked like a tornado had run through here. Now to figure out dinner. 
On another note, after i made my last smoothie with the orange, my throat started to swell a bit, so i guess fresh oranges are a no go for me too :( Oral Allergy Syndrome sucks. Im going to do a whole other post on this to explain what it is.

Random Thoughts
I think Jace is messing with me today , i think he wants to see how far he can push me LOL

8:30 P.M
I wonder how tonights bed time routine is going to go. The time changes really mess things up sometimes. Its 8 30 now, which would normally be 7 30 , im totally ready for bed and done with this day. We normally put Jace to bed around 9, i dont want stay up any later than normal. LOL I hope he doesnt know the difference when i put him to bed at "9" Have a goodnight everyone and may your children adapt to day light savings in a calm and peaceful manner! 

Over 15,000 Views!

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who reads my blogs, I cant believe im over 15,000 views! You all are awesome!!