Thursday, March 13, 2014

Daily Blog - Sleep Deprived

3:10 A.M
Lets see , we didnt go to bed until after midnight ish and now weve been up since 2:20 , Jace is crying, has a bit of a fever, wont let me put him in his crib or leave the room. SO here we are , Im so stinkin tired. I think i am calling the doc as soon as they open. Im beginning to think this is something more than just teething :(

10:40 A.M
I finally got Jace back to sleep around 4 this morning, after the tylenol kicked in. We woke up around 10 but im still super tired. I think he may have a cold, im not sure yet. I dont think he has a fever this morning but he sounds a bit stuffed up. Hes always been the type to get a fever for about 2 days BEFORE he gets sick. So now its just wait and see. Today i will be working on my Desgins page, I managed to forget the log in and such to my page for it so i have to create it all over again lol

12:55 P.M
Nap time!! This momma needs a break, so while Jace naps im going to drink some coffee and take a shower. This is day 4 or 5 of the whiney, fussy, crying fit throwing teething toddler. Im glad i dont remember my teething process, it seems pretty traumatic lol.

Trying Coconut Oil on face for the first time!
Love, Love, Love! I bought the coconut oil over a week ago but hadnt used it yet, just use it on my face after my shower and i love it. It smells wonderful too!

6:00 P.M
Is it normal for gums to bleed when to tooth starts breaking through? My poor baby was whining and then started grinding his teeth and then his gums around the new tooth were bleeding, this is miserable watching him deal with this. Were going to have a late dinner tonight since we had a late lunch. Im going to make chicken quesadillas with black beans.
Ive been super busy the last few days juggling this blog, setting up hubbys and setting up my designs page. My brain is numb haha.

10:20 P.M
Jace is in bed and sleeping peacefully I hope he feels better tomorrow, these last few days have been exhausting for me and him. Especially because he is unable to tell me what hurts :( I will be glad when he can talk to communicate something more than uh oh! hehe. Its about time for me to get ready to lay down and hopefully have a restful night. Goodnight everyone.

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  1. from my understaind yeppers. daemon's gums bleed some before the tooth fully popped and evry one ealse ive asked with kidos have said the same. hope this helps

  2. Have you tried any teething remedies? Hyland's makes a great gel, with no Benzocaine, that works for Lily. Also, does he have an Amber necklace? Lily is a totally different kid with it on versus with it off. I have some gel if you want to try it for him. Lily has 2 of her molars in, man that sucked. She chewed on everything, and some days just wouldn't eat. So frustrating. I found this chart to kind of give me an idea of when to expect what. Let me know if I can help with the gel or any other ideas!