Saturday, March 15, 2014

Some Of My Faves!

So i decided i wasnt going to do a daily blog today because im working really hard to get my design pages up and running , plus Jace is sick and today is just chaotic. Instead i decided that while he was napping i would do a My Faves blog. These are some of the things i use all the time that i thought id share with other ladies out there! These are my own personal opinions, i am not being paid! 

John Frieda Frizz Ease Extra Strength Hair Serum
I naturally have very curly and sometimes (ok most of the time without proper treatment) frizzy hair. This stuff is amazing and helping to keep my frizz away and helps define my natural curls. I cant recommend this product enough. I use it whenever i get out of the shower and sometimes if my hair is dry and just needs a little bit. Its not greasy (unless you put too much). Usually i just use 3 maybe 4 pumps and work it through my hair, i have  A LOT of hair. Its almost down to my butt and its thick! I think i paid 8 or 9 dollars at wal mart for it and it lasts a long long time! 

Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm
I love this stuff, i started using it about a year ago and have used it daily since. I use the clear one , I never really use any color on my lips. It stays on a long time, its a bit shiny and it keeps my lips soft . I paid around $3 for it at wal-mart.

Lysol Scrubber Sponges
Im a scrubby sponge user, i dont like using dish rags and we dont have a dish washer. Im pretty picky about my sponges. LOL I came across these a few months ago, i believe they were new at the time. After i first used them i was EXCITED! lol (you know your a housewife when new sponges excite you) They are wonderful. The scrubby part doesnt go dull and the spongy part is super soft and doesnt get moldy smelling for a week or more (if rinsed out and not left in water). Usually sponges need to be changed out every couple days or so but these are great for up to about a week and a half AND they are much cheaper than most. I think i pay $3 for a 4 pack at wal mart and that lasts me about a month. 

Aquafina Flavored Water
Jace has never liked water , i cant get him to drink it. Last week i decided to try naturally flavored waters and see if he would drink it and he loves it and , so do i! Normally i get really bored with with plain water and will end up drinking a few cups of juice or tea a day which most of the time is loaded with sugar. These particular ones have 5 calories per bottle, no sugar or sweeteners (that im aware of) and they are super yummy. When i get bored with plain water i just drink one of these instead of juice or tea, bam! Saving tons and tons of calories and carbs. AND I can now get Jace to drink water, Its a win win really!

Hope you all found this to be informational and yet entertaining at the same time! 
Have a great day! 

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