Sunday, March 16, 2014

Daily Blog - The Sick Christmans

8:15 A.M
We woke up about a half hour ago, Jace is still a congested, hacking ,sneezing, snotty mess. I started getting the feeling that i was getting sick last night. I felt completely drained and then the weird sore throat thing started last night. This just in, I just heard Hubby and Jace doing the same hacking in the kitchen. Ugh, i did so well at protecting us from getting sick this season, Oh well, you cant win them all.

3:25 P.M
We are all sick! I feel awful, Jace is a mucous factory, this sucks. Ive been laying on the couch watching dirty dancing after i got home from the store. I love this movie, it never gets old to me!
Im going to make creamy chicken & noodles for dinner tonight, if i ever get off the couch.

9:52 P.M
So yeah, i know if neglected blogging today but were all sick and there really isnt much to say. I hope that we are all feeling better soon although i know im going to wake up worse in the morning, thats just how these things go. I will talk to you all tomorrow~
PS Yes, i changed my design AGAIN. LOL I am trying to figure out which one i like the best and i am always coming up with new ideas :)

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