Saturday, March 22, 2014

Mommy Said No!

I wonder when Jace will grasp this concept. Mommy said no. Im not sure if its that he doesnt understand or he just doesnt care. I know he hears me! Jace No dont touch that, Jace No pinching, No Jace dont pull mommys hair, NO Dont dump your drink on the table and play in it No! Dont climb on that, dont eat that, put that back, NO leave the dvds alone get out of the toilet, dont play in the trash! No Jace dont eat the leaves and rocks that are tracked into the house from peoples shoes! LOL Its exhausting. I feel like a broken record. I look forward to the day when my efforts are heard and he stops doing what i told him not to. Until then, i am sure he is enjoying pushing my buttons, he probably thinks my reactions are pretty amusing.
But then i think, what would my day be like if he didnt keep it sooo interesting. In all reality i may get frustrated but he makes me laugh! He is a funny little guy and i know he will only be this little for a short time so i will just embrace it while i can!
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  1. I swear the word that comes out of my mouth most often is NO! Lily likes to ignore me, or do it even more then look to see my reaction. Sigh. But she is so darn cute, I can't be mad at her. lol