Friday, March 21, 2014

My Amazing Toddler

Jace has hit a frustrating yet funny stage. The frustrating part- He pinches, hard. The funny part- He will pinch us and yell ow! then he will pinch himself and yell ow! I can not figure this one out. Why does he do the things he does. Also in the list of things i do not understand is the hitting, biting and the horrid hair pulling. He does these things so nonchalantly. My assumption is that he is beginning the terrible twos i hear so much about. I think he also is learning cause and effect, if i do this, how will they react. Translation, Hes pushing my buttons! 
On the brighter side of toddler times, I love how his personality is really starting to shine through. He is no longer this little tiny baby who cant do anything for himself. He can feed himself, he can entertain himself he is even learning to communicate in ways other than crying. He is now this adorable little boy who has stolen my heart. He amazes me every single day! Hes learning new words, he is learning affection & love, he is learning to be creative and figuring out what play really is. Sigh, My baby is growing so fast. I miss those times in the night when he would wake and cry & he needed me to comfort him, these times dont happen so often anymore. He mostly sleeps all through the night. I never thought i would miss the 3 am wake up calls lol I know one thing for certain, no matter how big he grows or how old he gets, he will ALWAYS be my baby!! Its hard to believe he will be 18 months old soon. Time truly fly's by in the blink of an eye.

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