Monday, March 17, 2014

Daily Blog - Happy St Pattys Day

9:10 A.M
Good morning everyone, Jace seems to be feeling a bit better this morning. He was up multiple times through the night. Me on the other hand, i feel like my head is either going to pop or float away, my chest hurts, i can barely talk and i cant really hear out of my left ear, ugh. I even cancelled my dentist appointment this morning, well I had to have Geromy call because as i said, i can barely talk.

What are you doing for St Pattys Day?
St Pattys Day is nothing too special to me really, I have never really done much to celebrate it. I remember when I was little i was in a parade, and then one year my teacher dumped over everyones desks and left gold coins and a note from the leprechaun LOL Hubby used to celebrate. Now that neither of us drink at all there really isnt much to do. If Jace hadnt have been sick on Saturday , The moms group i run here had a potluck that we would have went to but thats about it. I do ask though, if you are going to celebrate with some alcohol, please drive safe!!

1:00 P.M
Been working on learning some new HTML today. Fun stuff! Jace still doesnt want to eat or drink much and it always makes me worry, I think its because his nose is stuffy so he cant breathe to well :( I feel terrible and on top of being sick the heart palpitations started up again last night. Very annoying.
Its a gorgeous today and im thinking were going to take a walk here in a little bit and get some fresh air & sunshine.

5:00 P.M
We just got home from a little walk. Im not too sure how good that was for me, it made my sinuses burn. The good news is that Jace seems to be feeling better and isnt so stuffy and snotty, the bad new is, im feeling worse and know tomorrow will be the worst day. I truly wish i had a maid service on days like this!!

7:50 P.M
I hate how colds are always worse in the morning and at night, makes sleeping a tough thing to do. I think im going to call it a night and rest for the rest of the night Hopefully ill get some sleep. Goodnight everyone.

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