Saturday, October 30, 2010

Provera- A nightmare in real life.

I managed to make it through the hell of these pills. lol i didnt kill anyone, didnt scare any children,  didnt get divorced thank god. lol These pills turned me into a hormonal maniac. The first couple of days i was fine and then it happened.... i woke up on day three and no one could do any right by me. Everything, and i mean EVERYTHING pissed me off. One night i even started flipping out on Geromy because the movie i went to see with my dad was bad and Geromy had a goodnight playing cards. All he had to do was tell me he had a horrible night and there wouldnt have been a problem. lmao I actually ended up getting my monthly visitor on day 9 of the pill, good right? No lol i got it friday after the fertility clinic closed and was told if it came early to call because they would have to move my appt up so they could do the ultrasound and give me the fertility pills. So monday i gotta call and rush across town lol. So all in all, hubby had to leave for a week, period comes early, which means earlier start on the fertility pills and he wont be back until friday. lol i told him to keep his men intact because friday , its on. LOL i got the baby fever!!! anyways gonna go lay down and try and sleep will update more later, thanks for reading!!

days, hours, minutes... I MISS YOU!

How pathetic am i?? lol Geromy has only been gone since 9:30 this morning and im already missing him like crazy. Im not sure i will be able to sleep much tonight. He wont be back until friday sometime and it really sucks, but we needed the money so he went. We never spend nights away from eachother, so its really hard. I dont understand how military wives do it!! Here i am going nutty over a week when those ladies husbands are gone for a year and sometimes more. Anyways, Geromy was pretty bummed because he wont be here to take lil Geromy trick or treating this year and this would be like the first time he would have been able to. Gotta love him for working so hard to provide for us. <3.
With him being gone like this it has made me think a lot. I keep thinkin about all the times that i thought i couldnt stand Geromy and wanted nothing more than to get away from him and be done with it. Ive split up with him so many times in the past and i wish i could take it all back. We have struggled through a lot of things and i think it has made us so much stronger and i will NEVER be doing that again. I have learned what unconditional love truly is. Ive always known that me and geromy were meant to be in eachothers lives. One way or another. Ive always felt that. Im still having a hard time adjusting to the fact that he is forever becuase it seems like no one in my life minus a few people, are forever. Yeah i know, i have issues but i will learn in time to deal with them. Anyways now im rambling because i have nothing better to do, my best friend isnt here :( I really dont know what im going to do with myself until he comes back. Again i feel like i am sounding like a crazy person. lol So thats all i have to say for the night, Goodnight everyone, Goodnight my love, my best friend, my everything, I LOVE YOU.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Blog challenge day #10- what i wore today

Jeans, flip flops and a tank top. a sweatshirt some of the time lol

Blog Challenge day #9- my beleifs

I beleive all things are possible.
I beleive there is a god.
I beleive that everything happens for a reason.
I beleive in karma, what goes around comes around.
I beleive that there is a heaven.
I beleive in true love, soulmates.
I beleive babies are miracles and gifts from god.
I beleive in santa clause ;)
I beleive in life after death.
I beleive in sprits and ghosts.
I beleive faith makes good things happen.
I beleive in gay rights.
I beleive in equality.
I beleive in angels.
I beleive in love at first sight,
I beleive that no one is perfect.
I beleive in many many things, but this is all i will list for now :) Thanks for reading.