Saturday, October 30, 2010

Provera- A nightmare in real life.

I managed to make it through the hell of these pills. lol i didnt kill anyone, didnt scare any children,  didnt get divorced thank god. lol These pills turned me into a hormonal maniac. The first couple of days i was fine and then it happened.... i woke up on day three and no one could do any right by me. Everything, and i mean EVERYTHING pissed me off. One night i even started flipping out on Geromy because the movie i went to see with my dad was bad and Geromy had a goodnight playing cards. All he had to do was tell me he had a horrible night and there wouldnt have been a problem. lmao I actually ended up getting my monthly visitor on day 9 of the pill, good right? No lol i got it friday after the fertility clinic closed and was told if it came early to call because they would have to move my appt up so they could do the ultrasound and give me the fertility pills. So monday i gotta call and rush across town lol. So all in all, hubby had to leave for a week, period comes early, which means earlier start on the fertility pills and he wont be back until friday. lol i told him to keep his men intact because friday , its on. LOL i got the baby fever!!! anyways gonna go lay down and try and sleep will update more later, thanks for reading!!

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