Friday, March 14, 2014

Daily Blog - Trip to the Dr.

8:45 A.M
Well, we slept through the night but Jace woke up this morning and has transformed into a congested snot factory. I should have known this was coming. He had the typical pre sick fever for a couple days, and the massive crying fits, poor kid. We have a drs appointment this morning , im hoping its nothing more than a simple cold, better safe than sorry. 

9:10 A.M
Poor little guy, he passed out on the living floor not too long after waking up..So precious 

 1:20 P.M
We Just got home from the drs. Turns out that Jace has an ear infection. Poor guy, so he has that and he is teething bad. The dr we saw today made me kind of mad. Jace has always been small. He has never really been a "textbook baby" even when i was pregnant with him my hormone levels never were doubling as the TEXTBOOK says they should. At 17 months he weighs 20 lbs and 5.5 oz and is 30 1/2 inches tall. At his 15 month check up he was 20 lbs and 29 inches, so he grew an inch and a half but hasnt gained much. So anyways, the guy was talking about him needing to say 25 words and point to things in the book when asked to and that if by his 18 month check up he is below the 3rd percentile he wants to send him to a growth specialist to see if hes lacking the growth hormone and that he needs speech therapy. From what i know, most kids barely say anything until they are like 2, and he is growing . Ugh. The textbook doesnt know it all people! Sheesh. I wish we would have seen his regular dr, he never acts that pushy about anything. So yeah, thats my rant for now. Jace is on antibiotics for 10 days. I hope he starts feeling better soon 

5:50 P.M
We went to costco today and i got these books for Jace, they are so super cute, im more excited than he is though lol. They are the cutest baby books i have found so far, we got 2 for around 9 dollars, they have 2 or 3 more sets that i plan to get him as well. 
I still have to clean up the house and make the dinner i was supposed to make last night, i feel so sleepy and have horrid heartburn so ive been procrastinating for a couple hours now lol Its not a complete waste though. I have managed to stay productive even while sitting on the couch by updating sites and designing more invitations! 

7:15 P.M
My first go at fried apples, they are AMAZZZIINNNGGG! Got the kitchen most of the way cleaned and have dinner going. Just hanging out with Jace and my Dad while Geromy s at the card store. Uneventful night really, but seriously, these apples are awesome and soo easy! 

8:30 P.M
Does your toddler like to throw their food all over the floor and play with it? Most of the time it seems like Jace would rather play with his food. Its getting frustrating because he needs to gain weight. I guess more pediasure is the answer? Picky kid lol 

Goodnight everyone!!


  1. Don't even sweat that doctor. I hate when a substitute doctor tries to come in and say all kinds of Crap, when you are your regular doctor are on the same page. they don't know your kid, haven't had much if any interaction. ugh. what gives them the right? every kid is going to be different. and, average word count at 18 months is roughly 10. they don't start to worry about it til age 2. Lily is still only 21#. don't worry momma. he's healthy and happy. for extra calories, I add heavy cream to her milk, butter to what I can, try to feed her healthy fats. you do what you can. lily when she is tired of feeding herself will start to throw things on the floor. if I step in and help her, she eats more usually. sometimes it ends up in my hair, and on the floor. haha. hang in there, do what you can. I hope he feels better soon!

  2. what dr. did u guys see. 3times we had to see dr. cory as a sub and i refuse to see him ever agian.. that man just pisses me offffffffffffff.

    1. I think thats who we saw, is he the bigger older guy? Usually we see Dr Houge.