Sunday, March 2, 2014

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10:45 A.M
Good morning everyone, we just woke up, well not really just woke up but around 10:15. I woke up and took one look at my house and wanted to crawl back into bed lol. When i looked outside , however i was amazed. The trees and branches are all frosted white, it truly does look beautiful so i took a few pics to share. BTW its freakin cold outside, yuck.

12:15 P.M
Edeama sucks. Some swelling started back in june in my right foot in one spot on the top. It was after i rolled my ankle a couple times in zumba class. The funny thing is, it didnt hurt and would always go down at night. I saw my dr about it and she said she was pretty sure it was some sort of tendonitis. Weird because it didnt hurt. My legs and knees hurt though and when i would wake up in the mornings it would hurt to walk on my feet. That particular swelling lasted months, it did go away about a month ago. About a month and a half ago my shins started swelling, i noticed pitting edema on both of them, morning and night. Its not something you can see only when its pressed on firmly can you see it. As of right now, i have both, again. When i was pregnant i did have a potassium defficiancy and i think that may be the problem but im not too sure. I wish i could just stop having something wrong with me all the time. I am beginning to think that what i may need is an all natural approach to my health at this time because i think the medications that i am given are doing more harm than good. I think that i also need a more healthy approach to the way that i am eating. As ive gotten older my body just cant handle things the way that it used to unfortunately.

2:20 P.M
Just got home from picking up some free clothes for Jace from a friend thats moving to cali. Thank you!! 
All the trees in the city are white, its soo amazingly beautiful to look at them, its just one more thing that i love about colorado. I managed to clean the living room despite jaces very much shown disapproval, he was literally taking out everything that i was putting it away, talk about frustrating! But i did it. I still have the kitchen and his room to do, i would say the bathroom but we STILL have no light in there and im getting very annoyed. My landlord is always the best at being right on top of any problems we have ever had so its my assumption that its his electrician that is slacking!
One of my very most favorite places - Manitou Springs
( I didnt take this picture , it was on facebook)

Random Thoughts
Would i be crazy to buy baby items for a baby im not yet technically trying for right now? I wonder what hubby would think......
Its a possibility that i may become a baby item hoarder...

3:30 P.M
Bottoms Up!!
Yogi Detox tea, supports heathly liver and kidney funtions, ive had it before and it does help with swelling and water retention but omg it truly does taste awful, im not even going to lie. It tastes like minty pepper with flowers lol I hope i can get it all down. 3:41 PM , well i got it down lol it took quite sometime but i did it. Jace is laying down for his nap now and i think im going to lay down and watch some tv as well, i have a bit of a headache. Geromy went to hang out with some friends, im just going to enjoy some me time and try to get rid of the pepper taste in my mouth :/

6:20 P.M
Making dinner, well kind of. Im making leftovers of last nights dinner and adding in some chicken and putting it over biscuits this time. I just got done dealing with a major headache, i wonder if its from that tea that i drank. It went away on its own so i guess im not too concerned.

8:00 P.M
Headache is back. I feel crappy, going to take some tylenol and lay down for the rest of the night. Im hoping i feel better tomorrow. Have a great night everyone 

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