Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Daily Blog - Operation Organization!

9:40 A.M
Today i tackle the closets. Wish me luck lol In the front closet there is Christmas stuff, old baby clothes, stuff for my Colorado springs moms group, randomness and more randomness. The closet in Jace's room has t.v's, game systems paint baby stuff, and his brothers old stuff from when he used to live here half of the time, so this should be quite the adventure!
 Its supposed to be pretty nice out today too so i am thinking we may try to get out and take Jace to the park or something, im not sure yet, weatherman reports something but Colorado usually has something else in mind. I was supposed to go to a playgroup but i don't think i am going to go, i have a bit of a sore throat and it seems like a lot of people are sick right now and, well, i just don't want to catch anything lol

11:00 A.M
Is it nap time yet? Jace is throwing a major fit over a applesauce pouch YES, a applesauce pouch. He wont learn how to use them himself, he wont let us feed it to him anymore, he just wants us to hand it to him so he can make a massive mess. Geromy is currently wrestling him on the floor trying to get him to eat his applesauce, priceless LOL
Toddlers are so PRECIOUS.

1:20 P.M
We decided to take Jace to Giggling Grounds for a little bit to play with his friend. He had fun :) Were home now and he is playing with , i mean eating his lunch. LOL i wonder if he will ever use a spoon or fork? I need to find more ideas on toddler finger foods instead of giving him stuff that is so messy. I sometimes worry hes not eating enough because of how much he plays with it and picks at it. This kid will most likely continue to worry me in some way until the day i die.
Jace & His Friend Erik

Closet Madness
LOL Dont Judge!

3:30 P.M
Got the living room closet cleaned out and organized for now, i need to get packing tape to tape up the chirstmas tree and the holiday boxes so we can put them out in the shed without bugs getting into them, once we do that the closet will be officially cleaned out.

5:15 P.M
Getting dinner started, we are having shake n bake chicken , velveeta scalloped potatoes and a veggie. I still need to make grocery lists, i never did manage to clean out Jace's closet today and i doubt i will get to it today. I am almost finished with the whole series of Doogie Howser MD, Im pretty sure ill be done tonight with it and then we need to find another show to watch. In the last 8 months or so we have watched The wonder years, Everybody loves raymond, The x files, Till Death and now Doogie Howser. I watch Ghost whisper at night , Geromy's not too interested in that show. 

7:10 P.M
Cranky baby for sale!!! Two more hours until bed time. Can he last that long? Can I last that long? Oye, Grandpa woke him up early from his nap to give him new toys lol! He got a new giant ball with mickey on it and a giraffe toy that spins and makes these balls pop up. I guess it was worth the short nap? LOL Ill let you know tomorrow.

8:30 P.M
I got my grocery lists done. Jace is all ready for bed. I think we will be going to bed early too. Im tired. I just drank more of that detox tea, word of advice. dont sweeten it! Today is the first time i didnt sweeten it and it was much easier to get down than when i sweeten it. 
Goodnight everyone! Thanks for reading xoxo

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