Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Operation Preparation - Pregnancy & Baby #2!

Coming from a background of infertility struggles, i have found that part of what keeps me sane through the process is planning. preparing, etc. I am a ways off from starting to try for baby #2 yet im also very nervous over it all. Im nervous about it not happening quickly and suffering through that again, im nervous about the pregnancy , im just plain nervous.
I decided to help keep me motivated to get healthy and mentally prepared for my next journey i was going to start preparing for the next pregnancy and the next baby...
Someone was selling this in a local group and it intrigued me so i decided why not pick it up at a much cheaper price, just so i have it when i need it :)
I had never heard of this stuff or this company for that matter, i looked into it its 
This particular thing is Happy Mama Spray. the description says
 "Happy Mama Spray is virtual bliss in a bottle! A gloriously uplifting aromatherapy spray, it's made only with pure essential oils and flower essences for pregnancy nausea, on-edge new mamas, and even more patience-tested ones. For a quick spritz of bliss to get a queasy mama (or car sick kid) through the moment, spritz a little onto your wrist and inhale. Since there are no chemical fixatives to make the fragrance last an artificially long time, you get an instant blast of blissful relief. Because Happy Mama Spray is safe and natural there is no problem using it again and again, as needed. A spray and a deep sniff can help battle the "baby blues." And to tolerate toddler rampage, a silly spray on both mama and tot can tone down a tough moment!
Happy Mama Spray is made with a safe, proprietary blend that includes lime and ginger pure essential oils. " (this came directly from their site")

When i was pregnant with Jace i didnt get any morning sickness until the 2nd trimester and it was mild, i never threw up just had random times of nausea. I tried those preggy pop things and they worked so i thought i would give this a try. It smells great to, kinda smells like lemon mint or something, it does seem like a calming scent. It also can be used as a uplifting mood enhancer spray, we shall see how it works! I have a few other things in preparation for the next baby that was given to me as hand me downs. But this is the first thing that i have bought. Oh the excitement! :) Thanks for reading my ramblings! 



  1. My Dr had to give me pills for me to stop getting sick. It was constant. I would be very interested into using this on my next.

  2. When trying for our first, some ladies had recommended pre-seed. It's a lubricant that creates the ideal environment when trying to conceive! It helps balance your natural ph levels. After trying for almost 10 yrs it was worth a shot. I think ut helped! Wish I had known about these drops during both pregnancies! I was nauseated through the entire pregnancy!