Friday, October 8, 2010

vitamin water

In a attempt to change my diet i have decided that im cutting out all soda. I will replace it with vitamin water or regular water. In the mornings however i will have my carnation breakfast drink. This should dramatically help in the weight loss process. Now if only i could stay away from all the sugars and carbs. Im an addict and i can admit that lol. I have yet to find the motivation to cut those out. I think that when i do i might lose my mind. HAHA. Ive heard that caffiene can affect fertility so cutting that out should do some good as well.
I am beginning to think that candy and soda and iced coffees should be against the law lol. They arent doing anything good for any of us and thats probably why like 80% of america is overweight, and having pcos does not help that either.  
As soon as i get my results back from my colposcopy i will start taking my prenatal vitamins again. I am supposed to take them throughout the whole pcos study but when i got that abnormal pap i just stopped taking them for the time being. So now im just rambling, sorry about that lol anyways thanks for reading Goodnight everyone.


  1. I love vitamin water - I drink that a lot.
    And I was glad to know I could still have it because it's gluten-free - since I switched to gluten-free foods (for most part).
    What's your favorite one - mines the orange.

  2. Now i can post it¡¡¡ Britanny you are great¡¡¡ i love your blog¡¡ just one thing, what is vitamin water?? It is true that cokes and all soda drinks are the worst to us, i am thinking that what the coke has to make you drink more, it is addictive¡¡¡. Keep on your fight lady you are doing really well¡¡ i will include your blog in mine¡¡ xxxx

  3. My favorite vitamin water is probably revive or the spark one! :)
    Ormaki- vitamin water is water that is flavored and it also has lots of vitamins in it. And yes soda really is bad for you :)thanks for following my blog ill go check yours out now!