Thursday, October 7, 2010

Finally figured it out

Ok, so it took me forever to figure this blogger thing out. i must have started six different pages just trying to get it right, but i finally did! go me. lol i used to be soo good at all this html stuff when i was younger and i guess i just needed a refresher course on it :) So here i am, and please bare with me, im still adding stuff on here, so there is more to come.
So my plans for this page is to bitch about pcos, post things ive found about pcos and also share my infertility journey with all of you. I know for me, that reading other peopls blogs on this matter really help me feel like im not alone. In the real world, out side of cyber space, i do truly feel alone because there is  no one around me, family, friends, or anyone that is going through this hell we call pcos and infertility. So needless to say, the only way i can relate to people and they can relate to me is on the internet, so that has become my new life lol. My husband tries to be supportive but he doesnt understand and he also has a 7 year old child. I kinda feel bad for him having to deal with all my issues. A guilt that im sure i dont need to feel but i do.
So anyways keep checking back for all my updates and new things on here! thanks for reading :)

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