Friday, October 8, 2010

Some more updates

So, some of you may know that a few months ago i found a pcos study here in colorado. Its basically a study of two medications. Clomid, And letrozol. They wanna see if letrozol works as well as clomid with ovulation and pregnancy with PCOS. I was totally excited but i was worried that i wouldnt qualify because when i was diagnosed with pcos i was told that i had a problem with my uterus called a septate uterus which is a cause for recurrent miscarriages. Well, during my exams they said my uterus was fine!!! I cant even explain how i felt at that moment. I had gone over a year feeling that i would never have children because of the combination of a septate uterus and pcos. I truly feel that god had a hand in that miracle.
So , my tubes were open everything looked great all i had to do was wait for the reusults of my pap to come back and then i could start the study! Well, when she called with my results i wasnt so happy anymore. She said that my pap came back abnormal and i had high risk HPV. High risk hpv is the type that causes cervical cancer. So i had to get a colposcopy and biopsy done of the abnormal parts of my cervix. I was scared to death. It took like three weeks to get in for the biopsy which was not fun. I went in on monday the fourth to have it done and now im just waiting for the results to say i dont have cancer so i can get back in the study and hopefully with this study i will get my lil miracle i long so much for. My results should be back within the next week, but that is not nearly soon enough. its scary. Geromy, My hubby, has been very supportive through all this <3 I love you babe!! He was a bit scared as well when i got the results from the pap. But he somehow knew that everything would be ok.
So thats my update with the whole pcos thing. Ill be posting a lot of posts to get caught up with everything thats going on with me. Thanks for reading and i hope you have a blessed day

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