Monday, February 24, 2014

Updates & Such - Part 3 - Jaces 1st year

Jace had to stay on oxygen from the time he was first admitted to the hospital (Oct 12 )until November 16th when he was finally able to pass the overnight oxygen test at home. He was also on prevacid for severe reflux until he was around 10 months old. He has always been on the smaller side. When he was born newborn clothes were pretty big on him 
The day he came home, this outfit was newborn size and he was swimming in it! lol To this day he is still so small! Here are pictures of his first year. It went by so fast!!! 
I think he was 3 days old in this picture 

Jaces 1st Christmas!

Jaces 1st 4th of July

Jaces 1st Birthday

Jaces 1st Birthday Cake - Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

That about sums up his first year!Ive watched my baby grow so fast. It amazes me how much he would learn and grow in such short amount of times. I laughed I cried, I worried myself sick, I got frustrated , I was happy, every emotion possible im sure i felt it at some point through the first year and every bit of it was worth it! This boy is my world and i couldnt be more thankful to have been blessed with the greatest miracle of all. 
Part 4 of updates coming soon, thanks for reading :)

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